Can't get LG TV and Soundbar to work over (e)ARC


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Soundbar - LG DSN7Y

As-is state: No sound via ARC + unavailable icon when pressing volume up/down, but only via other channels, incl. internal speaker
To-be state: Sound via ARC :)

Problem state:
  • When I turn on the TV (while configured for HDMI Arc) or switch from internal speaker to HDMI Arc my soundbar turns on
  • It displays "OPT/HDMI ARC" and then ends up in the OPT state, which means no sound. (It should go to ARC which it has done in the past)
  • When I switched on the TV from internal speaker to ARC it shows an "unavailable" icon on the right (circle with diagonal stripe)
  • When I turn off the TV it turns off the soundbar

What I tried:
  • Switched between internal speaker (works) and HDMI Arc (turns on the soundbar, but remains in OPT instead of ARC)
  • Switched between PCM, Auto & Pass Through
  • Configure the input for Magic Remote as an LG device with ARC functionality
  • Turned off 'Quick Start' on soundbar (keep power button pressed, usually seemed to be the culprit if it was on)
  • Changed HDMI cables (both high-speed, both worked before)
  • Removed the (only) other HDMI device from the TV (Nintendo Switch)
  • Turned power-off on both devices for few minutes to try all of the above again

I've read:
OLED48CX6LB and LG DSN7Y goes to OPT instead of ARC (wrote myself, fixed it previously)

But none seem to have the answer. Please advice.


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Shame on me / 🤦‍♂️ facepalm

I put the HDMI in the HDMI IN instead of HDMI-Out/ARC port... I never double checked that because I got the soundbar to turn on and off with the TV, but apparently that also happens for the HDMI IN port on the Soundbar getting a pulse. Brought it to somewhere else where the TV actually said "Non ARC device connected to ARC port."

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