Can't get audio from PS3 with optical to Cambridge 540R


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I'm sure there is something simple I am missing but I am losing my mind.
I have my PS3 hooked up with HDMI to my Pioneer plasma and optical to the Cambridge 540. On the PS3 i have set audio to optical and to Bitstream sound. On the Cambridge I have plugged the optical cord to the DVD input. Is there anything I am doing wrong. Any help would be great.


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have you looked in the - sound settings / digital optical / and make sure everything is ticked ?? (on the ps3)

can anyone tell me what " AAC " audio is ?? some type of mp3 is it ?? (sorry to hijack but i didnt think it was worth opening a new thread for this question)


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Make sure on the CA that the input mode is selected to digital as well



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Done both and still no sound. I must be missing something:mad:

are you getting sound on your pioneer plasma ?

as the ps3 can only output sound throught either hdmi OR optical (not both)

Adam Shaw

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UNLOCK will appear in the display of the AV receivers if they are not receiving a signal over the selected digital inputs. This can be for a number of reasons;
1) There is no digital connection into that input.
2) The digital input has not been assigned to the source. The optical and coaxial inputs have default locations that may differ from the source you are trying to use. They can be reassigned to the input you want via the onscreen menu's.
3) There is a connection but the amp is not looking at the correct input type- ie the amp is looking for a coaxial connection when the actual connection is optical. This can be changed using the INPUT MODE function.
4) The bitrate is too high for the amps. This applies with particular regard to DVD/A and SACD where even if the signal is not physically blocked from the digital outputs, it will be too high a bitrate to decode. Signals should be 96K or less. If the source machine is outputting a signal higher than 96k, you will need to adjust this in the setup of the machine you are connecting to your AV reciever. Ideally, digital signals should be transmitted to the reciever as RAW format (rather than PCM).

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