Can't get all channels when connected through dvd recorder


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Bought a dvd recorder. Connected it so aerial goes into the dvd recorder and then via aerial out socket to the digital tv. Also uses hdmi cable.

Can get all channels through the dvd recorder. Cannot now get some channels eg skynews, skysports news when viewing through the tuner built into the tv.

If I connect the aerial direct to the tv, I can get those channels. Have tried retuning. When going through the dvd recorder, those channels aren't found, but then when connecting aerial direct to tv, the channels are found.

My question is - do you think there is a hardware problem or is it that the signal is a bit weak and the extra hardware/cable is weakening the signal. Digital switchover is in 6 weeks (Caldbeck), should i just wait till then, to see if the stronger signal helps?


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OR, the DVD recorder outputs itself (analogue) on a channel that clashes with the Freeview channels you are trying to get on the TV. See if the ouput of the DVD recoder RF out can be moved, most can.


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See if the ouput of the DVD recoder RF out can be moved, most can

Can you explain a litlle more what this means.
I haven't actually setup the analogue channels.

I've just seen something in the manual - it's under the analogue tuning section and is about using a satellite receiver or cable box (doesn't apply) but interestingly it says if you set it to skynews (same channel as my problem) and can't view it you have to use a different preset.

Does this sound as though it might be relevant?


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Many thanks guys.

Swapped the flying lead for a different one and hey presto. I suppose i should have tried that before but I just thought as it was working for some channels it was unlikely to be the problem!

Thanks again


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The supplied flying leads are usually of very poor quality and it is better to make them yourself from decent satellite grade cable if you can. Anyway, good result. :smashin:
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