can't get 5.1 out of the pc



Hi all,
well it's up and running and we're getting big pix and big sound.
Thing is, PowerDVD says it's putting out 5.1 digital but when I tell the Hercules Fortisimo II sound card to use the digital output from Power DVD there's nothing. If I configure it to the main outputs I get sound but the indicator on the amp stays on Prologic instead of flicking to DD.

Now all this is when Power DVD is set to 4 speaker mode. If I configure it to "Use SP/DIF" I get nothing, so question 1 - I'm obviously missing something fundamental here - what could it be?

Question 2- would Windows XP start up in 5.1 or would the signal only be transmitted by a 5.1 DVD or game - and of course, how do I get the damn thing to output 5.1 through the optical out?

As you can imagine, having a 5.1 equipped system and only being able to pump Prologic through it is a little frustrating

Thx for any words of wisdom you may have.
I have the Fortissimo II with Win2k. I need to select SPDIF on PowerDVD, select the PowerDVD option for the digital out on the soundcard and then restart the machine. This apparently is neccesary on NT based operating systems but not on 98/Millenium. Once done, the amp registers the AC3 stream and all is ok.
Thanks for that - I'll give it a go when I get home. Entirely possible during my resettings I didn't have them both set to the right thing at the same time.

Would I be right in assuming that for 5.1 games (of which I currently have none) I'd have to switch the Fort II digi outs back to "main output", and would that still be picked up by the amp as a DD signal?

sorry for these constant questions but I've nearly cracked it.


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