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Cant find KEF 2005.3 K2 speakers at a decent price


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I was saving a bit of cash to go head over to Richersounds to pick up some KEF 2005.3 K2 speakers. I phoned them yesterday to reserve some and was told that they had sold them off cheap last week. :facepalm::mad:

Anyway, im now searching for a decent price but admittedly im not finding much any ideas? Willing to pay upto £600

I have been looking at alternatives, but so far the Teufel motiv 3s and teh mordaunt alumni both have Impedance of 4. admittedly i dont quite get it all yet but figured i liked the KEF's and they are 8ohm so should work well

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Just for the record, any genuine KEF retailer can sell selected KEF products via their own website - if they choose to sell these products via a third party site such as Amazon and ebay, the product won't carry a warranty as the retailer is breaching their contract.

Just looking after you guys ;)


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Believe it or not i emailed that Guy and they are Silver in colour and not black as pictured.

Im a little fussy.:blush:

Managed to reserve some at Richer sounds Cambridge for £599, im still pondering though. Its a funny thing when you want something and then cant get it it makes you want it more so im trying to justify the expense to myself and considering cheaper alternatives before driving to Cambridge on Saturday

Am i doing the wrong thing?

KEF 2005.3 k2 £600
frequency response 80Hz - 27kHz, Impedance 8 Ohms
Sub woofer FR 35Hz - 150Hz

or would i be happy with

Boston Soundwave XS £349 Save myself £250
Frequency Response: 150Hz – 20kHz, Impedance 8 ohms
Sub 50 - 150Hz

MS Alumni £500
frequency response 100Hz - 20kHz Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
Sub 35Hz - 200Hz

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