can't find drive when its attached to SATA port on gigabyte MB (nforce4)


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I've just finished upgrading my computer and am having trouble getting at some stuff I've got on disks from my old PC.

they are SATA disks but even though the RAID software can see them and they are there when I check in BIOS, I can't see them with windows or partition magic. I've got a feeling that I have to make them into a RAID array with the nforce software before they'll be useable but I don't want to do that as they have stuff on them. does any one know how (or if) I can get around this problem?
Paertition magic shoudl see it, buti know when you first plug in a hradr drive winwdows does not detect it, to see if it attached go to control panel>administrive tool>computer mangement>disk management, your hard drive should be displayed there if it is connected...and you can format it from there, but i've never used RAID, so this is only for installing a second hard drive...


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hi damned,

yeah, the SATA controller works fine (I installed XP onto a drive on it and it runs fine), its just that I've got a feeling the stupid thing won't let me access the drives unless I make them an array, which obviously I don't want to do.


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hi meansizzler,

no it doesn't show up in dick management either. it does show up in the RAID setup screen, just not in anything else.


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does that mobo have a set of sata raid ports and a set of 'ordinary' data ports.
My asus is like this, I have disk plugged into the ordinary Sata ports and have the Si(thingyname) raid controller disabled in the BIOS.
For me th disk present in Prot order 3,1,2 ie. port 3 is disk 0 (in windowms, port 1 is disk 1 and port 2 is disk 2.
You looking to implement raid ?


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I think I could be agreeing with Steve here, my Gigabyte MB has 2 sets of connectors for you to plug in SATA HDD. One is for RAID only and the other is just for a non-RAID set up. If you plug just 1 HDD into the RAID connectors it is not a happy bunny, it'll let you see the HDD but bugger all else.

This could be your problem, make sure it's connected to the correct set.


Also the NF4 should have native SATA2 ports by default. If you use these the OS should treat them as IDE drives without drivers anyways. You only need the drivers if you intend on using RAID.


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hi steve,

the MB only has one set of SATA ports. I've managed to get around this problem now, I had to dig out an old SATA PCI card I had and use that, so I'll get the data I need off the disks and wipe them.

thanks for the responses any way.


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