cant delete or move files on desktop of other user


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created a new user account at first non admin then turned admin on when i thought it was that preventing me delete files.
i was confused as to why they are even there in the first place? but hey windows is wonderfull right! yes the other user account has made files private.
anyway so this new account has on the desktop some files and links (grey'd out) to programs i have under my account. while some would be good to have some not and files (not all) while are shown such as a word doc its not openable.
no biggy i thought just delete under this account but no. access denied.
tried to even create a "tidy desktop" folder and move there but access denied!
fix ?


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Try this...

Right-click the file, click properties, then security, then edit. Pick your username form the list and allow yourself full control over the file.

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