Can't decide on a Yamaha RX-V675 v Sony STR-DN1040


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Hi all,
can anyone please advise. I am looking to buy either the Yamaha RX-V675 v Sony STR-DN1040 AV Receiver.

I have Mission 752 Floorstanders, the matching Mission 77 C1 centre channel speaker. I do have Mission 751's that I could use for the rears but space is the problem and I would probably use JBL Control 1s for the rears.

However I would very likely just be mainly using Stereo for music, and the M752 floorstanders with the centre channels M77C1 for films. I am eager to streamline my system and remove a DAC that I have the TV connected to via the TOSLINK for sound through a Yamaha A1 Hifi amp, and have everything going through the new receiver via the HDMI.

I have the following equipment:

Sony PS3 for the kids,
Sony BDP-S370 Blue Ray Player,
Samsung Freesat HD Recorder
Samsumg 32" Smart TV
XBMC - Intel NUC i3 processor - streaming of the internet HDMI output
Vortexbox Server - FLAC files for music - MKV files for films, which receiver would have the best DAC for music?

I have spoken to the telesales at Richer sounds and they recommend the Yamaha for Music and the Sony if its for films.

I am aware that the Sony has had various problems with syncing etc, are they all cleared up now with the firmware updates? As I already have a Sony PS3 and Blue ray player should I go for the Sony for better integration? I have a SONY STRDB-840 that I used to use and will be putting on ebay.

So I suppose my main criteria is - Sound, reliability, ease of use with an app on iphone or a tablet. I should add that i have a separate HiFi system for serious listening and the main role for the receiver is multimedia.

There is only £30 difference at the moment and I would lie to order as soon as possible.

Answers on a postcard, or better still on the forum.

Thanks in advance



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The Yamaha will be a better partner for your proposed speakers and will also be as compatible with your existing kit as the STRDN1040 when it comes to integration. What you'd gain with the Sony is inbuilt wifi, but this isn't really a reason to buy one over the Yamaha.


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I haven't heard the Yam, but I do have a Sony 1040, and really like it. If you get one and get as much pleasure from it as I get from mine, you won't be disappointed.


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Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to reply.

Dante01 would you mind telling me if you think it would be worth going for the Yamaha RX-V1073 over the Yamaha RX-V675? Would the extra cost be worth it? Better system synergy and better stereo? How would the Yamaha RX-V1073 compare to one of the Yamaha integrated's for stereo sound i.e Yamaha A-S 300, 500, 700, 1000, 2000? Where do you think it would fit in that lineup?

My understanding over the years (from the magazines) is that an AV Receiver is a compromise and not as good as an integrated stereo amp for stereo music.

I do appreciate that I am using this primarily for AV but for convenience sake, better integration etc I will be using it for stereo music as well and very probably using the built in DAC to reduce box count etc. Also I will probably be using mainly Mission 752s & Mission 77C1 for audio. I don't think I can get away with more speakers in the living room due the WAF factor.

Thanks again



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Comparing AV receivers to dedicated stereo amps for their stereo abilities can be summed up by using a rough rule of thumb. You need to be spending at least triple the cost of a dedicated stereo integrated amp on an AV receiver to get anywhere near the same stereo performance and even then, you are still better off using a stereo amplifier if stereo reproduction is important to you.

The RXV1073 is only worth getting if you can afford to partner it with speakers that will portray the improved performance capabilities? If you've a limited amount to spend on both the receiver and the speakers then you may get better results by buying the RXV675 and using the additional £100 you save to purchase better speakers than the same budget would afford had you purchased the RXV1073 with speakers not befitting it. If intending on using your current speakers then there will be improvements with the RXV1073, but the differences will be marginal and only you can determine whether the extra cost is worth it? I'd personally rather have the RXV1073 than the RXV675.


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Thanks very much Dante01 for your reply. If the difference is likely to be marginal what is it that would lead you to the more expensive amp? Is it the design and build quality, or features. I am likely to go for the RXV1073 as I believe my speakers are easily capable of being good enough. I also prefer to spend a bit more on quality if I can justify it.


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Thanks very much Dante01 for your reply. If the difference is likely to be marginal what is it that would lead you to the more expensive amp?

I think it simply a matter of me understanding that paying more will not necessarily make huge differences to the sound quality. This is the case with all audio components and not just AV receivers. Paying twice as much will only reward you with marginal difference as opposed to double the quality many think it does. If you understand this and are willing to pay for the marginal improvements then the money is well spent and you are not going to be disappointed :)

Plus the fact that you'd need to spend nearly £1K to get anything else close to the RXV1073 so your extra £100 gets you a lot of value for the money.


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I would second the 1073 reccommendation. My brother bought one a month or so back and it is a good sound receiver.


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Thanks for all the input. After much reading and searching on the internet I have gone for the Yamaha RX-V1073 from Peter Tyson for £459.
Just awaiting delivery now.
It's also given me the impetus to start selling more unused hifi on EBay.

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