Can't decide on a PSU


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give me a bit of help here please! I'm building an HTPC for a bit of gaming too. So far I've got a case and motherboard.

Aplus Black Media Center Case ATX/MATX With Brushed Aluminium Front Panel - No PSU - Ebuyer
MSI P45 Zilent *Zalman Edition* IP45 Socket 775 Motherboard - Aria Technology.

I'm going for an Intel Q9550 CPU, with 4gb ram and an HD4890 2gb graphics card, and probably two 1TB Samsung hard drives. Not decided on the CD/DVD yet, but it needs to be a Blu Ray/HD-DVD drive.

The thing I cant decide on is the PSU, I reckon 650w is enough, but do I get more power to keep the noise down?

I'm looking at these two:-

Corsair 650W TX Series PSU - 120mm Fan, 80+% Efficiency, Single +12V Rail - Ebuyer
Be Quiet Straight Power 650W PSU - 8x SATA 2x PCI-E 4x 12V Rails - Ebuyer

Any thought anyone?


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I have the 400 or 500W corsair (cant remember), its great, and silent. Comes with a 7yr warranty too!

650W is plenty, people usually overestimate what they need!


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if its any help, I have a similar setup as you, except using Athlon X6000+ dual core - 4 tuner cards, 2 hard drives, Nvidia 8600GT graphics card, blu-ray drive and running all this on a 450 Nesteq psu (latest ones are 500W or 400W)



i own the "Be Quiet Straight Power 650w PSU" £65 quid ebuyer and its lovely, all the cables are breaded, so they look clean and tidy... I would highly recommend (if you have a Mid ATX Case)...

all the reviews I read b4 buying said it was the best bang for your buck because it actually goes up pushing 680watts at max. So extra power is there.. it has 2x 6+2 Pci-e GRFX power leads. that are SLI Certified.

4x 12volt rails 18a per rail. Thats what it says on the box. "Plus 80 too"

Im building a new i7 rig, and 2x GTS250'S (£80 each ebuyer) in SLI X 2 hard drives Samsung F3 7200rpm 1TB @ £56 each, 1 x Rom DVD-RW.. £21

My case is a CM Storm, by cooler master, "Case is Big" and the psu goes in the bottom, I hope I have enough reach for all the cables, looked inside box, all great, but if I need extentions for any cables I can find them on ebay Im told, if anyone else knows where I may get cable extension/adapters for PSU cables i'd love you to post, cheers!:thumbsup:


Yeh, I havent my "Be Quiet Straight Power supply" fired up yet, but out of the 2 weeks of research trailing around review websites its deff one of the Quietest Power Supplies on the market... others who own say they cant even hear it in the background, they say you would need to place your ear up to the psu at the rear to hear anything.! - I think thats about right.

Over here in the UK Antec and Corsair are the leading PSU purchases, however go to mainland europe and the "Be Quiet" range PSU's sell, 30,000 units a month. So they must be very reliable and Quiet (very quiet)...

Take care,
SBlade :):smashin:


oh! thought I would mention my "Be Quiet Straight Power 650w supply" was designed, engineered and made in Germany. - not China like a lot of other big brand names have shifted their production to...

So think BMW, think Mercedes. lol. :eek:

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