Cant decide on 55" TV with £2000 budget.


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Hi all,

Currently trying to choose a 55" TV. Its to go in my garden room which has Bi-folds and a skylight. I would say I watch TV in the evenings more than any other time, but some daytime viewing on the weekend.

I had a Panasonic 802b OLED in there, was happy with motion/picture etc.. but want to use my PS5 at 120hz.

I've just tried a LG G1 OLED but the motion was too bad for me when watching football. Also When playing in Game mode the only way I could get FIFA 22 to be ok on my eyes was to set the Game Motion setting to high. This makes the image way too dark to play with. I'm not sure if I'm just really sensitive to it, because most reviewers say motion is great on OLED's.

I'm now swaying towards either the Sony A80J as I here the motion on Sony OLED's is supposedly the best. but I'm worried about how the Matt screen and brightness will fair in a well lit room, and how good it is for gaming.

My other on the shortlist is the Samsung QN95A. I know these are supposed to be great for bright rooms, but hearing bad things about screen drop outs and uniformity. Also most reviews say it can't fully compete with the OLED picture quality.

Pleas help me with a decision, Anything else I should consider at 55" upto £2000 I'm open to suggestions.



The type of screen covering has little to do with how a TV handles reflections. Typically all the OLEDs handle them the same, with the ones that can get brighter being the best and the ones that can get dimmer being the worst.

I'm inclined to think that game mode high on the G1 made the picture darker because it used black frame insertion. That's an optional feature every TV has now that inserts black frames between the normal frames to trick our eyes into thinking there's less motion blur.

The G1 that you tried actually uses the new brighter panel, but it doesn't get as bright as TVs like the Panasonic JZ2000 or Sony A90J that both use cooling backplates too. These newer type of panels are more durable too, which may be important for you if you watch or play a lot of content with static elements like FIFA on the TV. (5000 hours was when found burn in on their fifa loop here: Real Life OLED Burn-In Test on 6 TVs )

You can see which OLEDs use which panel type in 2021 ranges in this post:

As with all advice this time of year, its generally not a good idea to buy if you're shopping for new 21-22 range models, prices are still high. Unfortunately its also getting hard to find 2020 stock too, which makes it overall a really poor time to buy unless you're happy overpaying a few hundred for the sake of having the TV sooner than Black Friday/Xmas sales.

You could of course instead go with an LCD TV instead, they will do better in brighter conditions if you want to use black frame insertion and keep the picture brighter. LCD TVs have less stutter but more blur.

Some people are happier with motion from brands like Sony and Philips but others don't notice much of a difference at all. All depends how you perceive motion. If you're happy with your old Panasonic why not get another? They won't have changed so much.


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Thanks for your detailed response.

It certainly is the BFI that’s dimming the image.

My hope with a TV with better motion is that I won’t need to put in a high amount of BFI.

I have looked at the Panasonic JZ1500
Can’t find much on it at the moment. And it is quite a bit more than the A80J.

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