Can't this a good deal?



I can't decide on what deal to go for. I did all the sites, mags etc and I'm still humming and hawing.

Really fancied a 42' Panny, preferably with a five year guarantee.
But dragged my heels so much all the JL plasmas have gone.

Suppose I could wait for the new ones to be stocked but could be a long wait.

So thought about getting one from Comet..but (here we go again!) I really want to shelve out £3k for something guaranteed for 12 months?

So thought about the 37'' Panny and increasing the warranty through the Nationwide CC.

Noticed that online its £2314 + £15 delivery. So this is the current deal ''under consideration''.

Wished I'd just gone for the 42'' at JL a couple of months ago when all this started. :( I'll have probably changed my mind again tomorrow.


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Honestly - out of experience with previous deals with Comet (Con it?) it's better to wait - don't make a rash decision and buy from them. I was tempted by their 0% Interest option, but in the end I shopped around the 'net and found a good deal with IFO from a reputable and reliable company.

The problem you have is that you have to balance out the time spent hunting and finding the bargain to actually buying it - if you jump in too soon you are an early adopter, spend a lot of money and the model gets superceeded. If you wait too long the deals change and you have to start all over again :lesson:

It's a tough choice to make on such a lot of money I know! Best thing is to get JL to pricematch an internet e-tailer with a bricks-and-mortar shopfront and use their credit facilities or store card. (Pay off the store card in the first 6 months when the rate is low or you get stung however!)

Hope this puts your mind on track waddell ;)

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