Cant decide, Heartbeat, Red Dot or Silencer


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I always use the M4 with scavenger, stopping power & ninja. However at the moment cant decide what is the best attachment between the Heartbeat Sensor, Red Dot and Silencer:rolleyes:

I love them all but just cant decide which one is best to use....

What do you guys think is the best attachment?


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Personally I stopped using red dot, I learned how to aim without it so I can use another attachement. I usually won't use a silencer without cold blood because UAVs will give your position anyway. So with your set up I'd say heartbeat sensor is probably better (for me!).
If you can't aim without red dot though, that's the one to pick.


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Go with a silencer, i never use red dotsor holographics and stick with the iron sights on weapons, then if an emp goes off i remain unaffected, and i spend to much time focusing on a heartbeat sensor than looking at my surroundings which generally gets me slotted.


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As a Mw2 novice, I find the HBS essential.I find it gives me a little edge to compensate for my terrible aiming:rolleyes: I pair it with the red dot for the best of both worlds.

However, as said above. When I first used the HBS I relied on it too much and ended up getting killed all the time because I wasn't paying attention to what was goig on around me.


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I personally never use HBS. It takes my focus off the plying field. I have also become accustomed (sp?) to not using a dot. The M4 has the nice circle sight to getting someone in the distance within that circle normally means a good hit.

But, i don't like silencers too much either. I don't mind them but it nerfs your range too much IMO.

But, if i had to choose one, it would be the red dot if you are saying you are a novice.


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I currently have a setup with an M4 + silencer and its great on maps like, Invasion, Karachi, Scrapyard, Favela and Rundown. I don't find it nerfs the damage with stopping power as the rate of fire is so damn good.

So that would be my choice and I run Ninja Pro fairly religiously as do many. The few times I've used the HBS only half the enemy ever seem to show up and they always get me as I find myself relying on it too much.


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I prefer using a silencer over the red-dot....same as mpn above, if I use the HBS I find myself drawn to that rather than listening to the surroundings. :rolleyes:

The Bass

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I think one of the biggest ways to improve is to get used to iron sights. The extra clarity a red dot brings nowhere near outweights the benefit of having a silencer or noobtube or grip. As many have said, the HBS is too distracting and is easily countered by at least half the enemy team who will use Ninja.


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I had a phase towards the end of my first prestige where I used the Heartbeat Sensor almost every game I played, but now I am quite happy to use a sight (equipped with FMJ or a Silencer if I'm using Bling) andsimply usingthe on screen map. I think my best games have come in Heatbeat Sensor-less matches. Allit takesis a little concentration, and sensibility when checking the 'big'map,don't leave youself exposed - as I almost always do.

As for the sights, for Assault Rifles I think I go for Holographic, and SMG's the Red Dot.


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In terms of completing the challenges for each weapon, the red dot sight and the silencer are the only things which reward you for using them (you always get the HBS after getting so many kills with a silenced weapon - I think...).

I agree with mpn, Lin3ar, astaroth, sdb123 & Bass - I only used the HBS a couple of times and had to stop because I spent more time looking at it than I did looking where I was going, so died a lot.


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i use silencer unless im doing a challenge.

and although it says in the stats the range is limited, i have seen me take down people and get a "longshot" bonus with it attached so cant say it affects me too much.

Deleted member 152499

As others have said, I prefer to use the iron sights on all my favourite guns (UMP, M4, SCAR, ACR), and also prefer to use a silencer with Ninja Pro, allowing me to sneak about the map getting kills without people coming looking for 'me/little red dot on mini map' :thumbsup:

I never use the HBS, as I find using the audio through my Turtle Beach X1s more helpful in locating the enemy....HBS is too distracting for me.


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i agree with mpn, lin3ar, astaroth, sdb123 & bass - i only used the hbs a couple of times and had to stop because i spent more time looking at it than i did looking where i was going, so died a lot.


And I prefer to use the silencer over red dot


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I'd use a silencer out of the options listed, as mentioned the HB sensor distracts you from what your surroundings too much, RDS is usful but not as much as a silencer. I know you still appear on the map when an enemy UAV is up, but it's good not to show up everytime you shoot somebody as it'll draw nearby enemys to your position.

I'll throw something else into the mix as well and say use FMJ as soon as you possibly can, even at the expense of a silencer, as it's by far the hardest challenge to complete towards the mastery for a weapon and you'll find it gets a bit tedious if you leave the FMJ kills challenge untill last.


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I'm new to the game and only really play ground war, i was really looking forward to getting the HBS, then when i did, i found i was looking at it too much and getting killed cos of it, plus ground war is like being on the front line of an actual war and not too much time for sneaking as there is too many players and its all abit frantic, maybe HBS sensor would be better suited to the lesser player games.

I have to use Red dot, its essential for my cack aim :smashin:

I was using grenade launcher as well, but i'm not much good with it, other people seem to get alot of kills with it though and its good for them double kills.

Whats the big difference between holograpich sights and red dots?

I only used holographic for a couple of games, then went back to red dots, so can;t really remember what the advantage or disadvantage's are?


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I play hardcore so tend to use silencers all the time along with red dot!

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I actually think the red dot is something you learn to believe you need whereas in reality you dont.

Sure it is probably more accurate than metal sights when you have time to aim up. But when time is limited it can hamper you as you try desperately to get the red dot on target.

The games hit detection isnt the greatest anyway so I find that the metal sights do perfectly well. I also think it is slightly quicker to ADS without the red dot sight (I may be wrong though)


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if you are not using a silenced weapon, then you are at a serious disadvantage, just like people not using ninja or wearing proper headphones

Mr H Shingles

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The whole headphones thing has never appealed to me before. But the more Im reading about them, the more im thinking of getting a pair.


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In a room far, far away a young man in his prime of life, stops doing what he is doing and feels a strange unexplainable twinge of pain in his heart.

That man is Schro.
Don't get the in-joke mate but surely you get that sense of satisfaction when as ninja/cold blooded you sneak up behind someone camping with the HBS and either knife them or use a throwing knife?

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