Can't decide between LG 55" CX, G1 or wait for C2

Dick Emery

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I currently have a 2016 55" B1 display. It has served me well but has a small cluster of dead pixels along the right edge of the display. I don't see them during normal viewing but they are there. It's also lacking in some of the features and improvements in technology obviously like 120Hz capability which would be nice to have for gaming. However I am not a wealthy man and am always looking to spend less on an upgrade. 65" would be nice but it's a little too rich for my liking even on older models (those you can still buy that is). I can still purchase a 55" CX for £999. A C1 for £1,149 (Only has 40gbps HDMI ports) and a G1 for £1,599 (which comes with a £799 G1 soundbar thrown in while stocks last that I could sell on BNIB to offset the cost). I understand the CX is slightly brighter than the C1 and also has 48gbps HDMI ports? Does the CX use an evo panel or is the brightness variation due to something else? The G1 also has a more advanced chipset and image processing than the CX from my understanding?

Considering the current market due to the pandemic I am expecting the 2022 range to come in more expensive this time around. I may be wrong but chip shortages and worlwide shipping fee's could make them quite expensive. We will just have to wait and see on that one though.

Anyhow I am waffling. Right now I am thinking last years CX or G1 but can't make my mind up. Especially as the G1 is £600 more expensive and I would need to try and flog off the soundbar to get some of the extra costs back.



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55" CX is £869.89 at Costco currently.

C1 was down to as low as £930 in some of the recent sales, but has now gone back up. Potentially another sale will appear soon though. Does the 40 vs 48gbps HDMI make much difference? Hadn't looked into this at all until now.

I personally think the recent low price deals on the C1 makes it a better choice than the G1 (only if the deals appear again). Also, all newly manufactured C1 models have an Evo panel.

I'm just waiting for a 65" deal myself.

Dick Emery

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From reading

It's a bit more confusing with regards to panels and some don't like the pink tint the Evo panels give and on a C1 you would need to go and change it to a G1 in the firmware (risky) anyhow to get the extra brightness. Plus it would not match up with firmware updates and features as well as a lack of heatsink. Basically all those people setting it from a C1 to a G1 are taking a risk. The benefits of an Evo panel on a C1 are lower power usage, better screen burn protection and lifespan. But with a pink tint. They also state that some CX later models come with Evo panels. Swings and roundabouts. I wonder if I should wait to see if I can get a better deal on a G1 when the new C2 and G2 lines pop up or maybe a 65" older model. Damn! I hate these kind of decisions.

Dick Emery

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Crampton and Moore are currently selling the C1 55" for £1069 on Ebay but £1169 on Amazon and £1299 on their own website. Very odd.

EDIT: Ordered the C1 from C&M. Hopefully all goes well.
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