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May 15, 2003
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Unusual problem surfaced tonight whilst transferring home video"s to the hard drive on Toshiba X32.
Just bought a JVC MG50 camcorder and after putting 3 hrs footage on it today I connected it via s lead to the X32 and selected L imput, started to copy footage and on 4/5 occasions I got a warning on the screen from the Toshiba saying alert recording paused source material copy protected.
Then prompts me to press ok and after doing that recording resumes until the next alert and same consequence.
This happened during the first 2 mins so I didn"t carry on.
I then tried the same procedure with a Panasonic GS 120 camcorder and had no problem.
I then connected the JVC using same lead to Panasonic E10 recorder s input and test recorded footage fine to Ram disc.
The problem persists itermitently from the JVC to the Toshiba useing s or composite imput.
Never had a problem with the Toshiba copying from the Panasonic via DV in.
Any one with a Toshiba seen this before and can shed some light on it ?
Want to use the recorder with the hard drive as I can dump my daily recordings.

When I replay the footage recorded from JVC to Toshiba its just like a jump cut to the next recorded sequence each time.

This is possibly due to the sync pulse (carrier wave) being outputed by your JVC. (I have this sometimes when coping VHS to DVD). If the sync pulse changes for what ever reason modern recorders think that it is recording a Macrovision protected source, and flashes up the message. You do not get this from a DV source as this is digital data.
exactly. it says something to that effect in the manual (xs34 anyway)
Could this be the reason that I can't transfer any of my old videos to the HDD of my Panny EH80? It starts to transfer, but the HDD stops recording after approx. 5 secs.
They're really old videos I've had since I was a young fella eg. Charlotte's Web, Animal Farm, etc.
I wouldn't have thought videos were that advanced that they can't be transferred. :(

P.S. Other than that, it's a superb machine. It's my first DVD recorder, let alone VCR/DVD/HDD unit, and it's very user friendly. :clap:
Thanks for that explanation , was wondering if it was something like that.
Are the Panasonic"s more forgiving than the Toshiba"s in this repect as outlined the Panny recorded ok.

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