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Question Can't Connect To Internet. Is My Netgear Dead


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I'd appreciate your advice, my internet is down and I think my router a Netgear DG834G v3 may have died but I'm not sure. Here is my situation

Six weeks back when doing some rewiring for me my electrician ran a cable, I think he said a Cat five or six cable, from my my main telephone socket to my new living area. He wired one end into the Openreach junction box in my front hall. There is no power supply beside, or near to the junction box

The cable was run up into my loft, across and down into my living quarters. The box it goes into has two separate outlets: an outlet for this cable and an outlet for my standard telephone. All worked well up until Saturday night when my internet went down. At first I thought it was the storm but when it hadn't reappeared by Monday I rang my ISP TalkTalk. They tested the line and said the line was working fine.

Hands up, I've been messing around with the router, tried linking it directly to the test socket in the Openreach box, got power via an extension lead, I've noticed, however, that the Internet candle symbol is no longer working, the wireless light is working. That leads me to think the modem has died. Would I be right?

I'm not especially worried if the Netgear has died as I've signed up with BT and will be going live with them on the 25th, so I'll have a new router then anyway. I can live without home internet till then!

The spark set up the router and all for me before he left and I've only just now noticed that the end of the Cat cable has the kind of a connector you put into a lan socket
Any ideas as to what might be wrong? And why would the Cat cable have that type of a connector? What to do?

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Not quite sure what is what. Normally, a cable goes from the BT socket, RJ45? this has a smaller connector, at the other end, RJ11, this plugs into the small socket on the router.

The router itself will have usually 4 network sockets, LAN (CAT 5 or 6, is a LAN connector),

Did you give Talk Talk notice that you were changing ISP's? perhaps they have disconnected you already.


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Pics of the master socket and the cables your sparks has left would help so we can understand what's been setup.

As Bubblegum stated above you should have a RJ11 connector that plugs into the back of your Netgear router. The Netgear will have 4 ethernet LAN ports that RJ45 connectors clip into for hardwiring pc's etc over Cat5 or Cat6 cable. There will also be a slightly smaller port next to these on the Netgear for the internet lead which should have the RJ11 connector on the end.

The Cable your guy put in is extending the link from your main BT master socket to a new location for you. It sound like he's put in a box which already splits the telephone line frequency's (rather than using an ADSL Filter), so on one side you have the telephone style connection for talking on the phone over low frequencies, whilst the other side uses the high frequencies to keep your broadband always on. Guessing something like this?

In which case the lead from the left side of that box goes to the rj11 internet socket on the Netgear. Those DG834 routers are incredibly reliable and the fact you get the wireless light up ok makes me suspect it's not correctly connected to the phone line anymore and hence no internet connection.
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