Can't change lots of settings when tv connected to VGA


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Hi guys,

For a little more than a year now i own a LG PA6500 plasma, great nice 60 inch plasma screen. I mostly do gaming on it and sometimes movies. I used to have my Xbox 360 connected to HDMI, but with several games it just looks too bright. I did calibrate my tv, so that the contrast, brightness, sharness, and so on is correct. But when i look at games as RDR or GTA V, the faces and buildings are just overly bright and it makes it very ugly too.

So i decided to give my Xbox 360 VGA cable a shot and to my surprise the picture is A LOT more crisper than before, but the problem is....the sharpness is set to 30 and that is too much. The bigger problem is, for some reason i cannot select sharpness, colour, tint or even the advanced control settings. These options are all greyed out. Only with VGA, cause i dont have that with HDMI. Anything i can do about this?

I also tried to a PC with VGA, same story...can only change contrast and brightness.
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It’s quite common to see some of the picture options disabled for a TV’s VGA input. I understand the reason for this is that the VGA connection is primarily a PC input, and hence you’d use the PC’s graphics card to control these settings instead of the TV.

Unless the TV has an option to change the VGA input from PC to video mode (or something along that lines), there probably isn’t much you can do I’m afraid. The only settings on the xbox you can play around with are the reference levels.


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VGA is supplied as Red, Green and Blue as separate signals, so colour and tint are disabled, as these controls only apply to signals where the colour information is mixed together - ie: composite video, and need decoding. I would guess on your TV, the sharpness control is also wrapped up in the same circuitry, hence why it is disabled.

Try using the HDMI, but set the picture to movie instead of Game. So long as the lag is acceptable, this should give you more control options and hopefully a nicer picture.

Another option would be a component cable, as you tend to get more processing options on sources considered to be video, not data.


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If you must use vga then your pc ( very easy if your graphics card chipset is nvidia ) will allow you to set it up as you want it . Right click on desktop and decide how you like the picture . As others have said you would not normally do this on the TV .

If you find the hdmi picture wrong it may be that the graphics performance of the pc is less than ideal ? Better graphics card ? Its not a tv issue .
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