Can't change HDMI with Harmony after software update (Android TV)


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I stupidly installed a software update.

Now my harmony remote cannot change my HDMI ports on my Philips 43PUS7304.

There aren't dedicated HDMI buttons on the philips remote, but Harmony knew a hidden remote control code to change to the correct HDMI ports. Now after the update it doesn't work.

The update was TMP191E_R.
The previous update which worked fine was TMP191E_R.

Anyone else experienced this?

Any ideas to resolve or info about how to downgrade the firmware would be appreciated.

Update: sounds like not just philips TV. Sony Android TBA afftected too.
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I have the same problem. Don't know of a fix but have noticed that general remote input seems a bit laggy on power up after this firmware update so it's possible that this may get solved in the next update. I'm not holding my breath though!


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Yes, this is very annoying. I managed to get around this by _not_ setting the tv input in start activities and instead using my Sony AVR home button, which opens AMP menu on the screen and forces tv to that HDMI. You can get back to TV viewing by using exit button in the TV start activity. It's not in the original remote, but Harmony has it and it works that way at least on 805 OLED.


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Interesting that you're seeing this on Sony TV. So this must be an android problem rather than a specific manufacturer issue.

Any ideas how to report bugs to android TV?


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I had this problem, if you are using Home Assistant you can set up an emulated Roku device and use the commands here Android TV HDMI

I don't know of any other way to do it outside of home assistant as it uses Android ADB (debug) to do it


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I know that Philips removed direct source selection remote commands at some point in their firmware updates.
I spoke to Logitech and they confirmed this was the case and that Philips hadn’t given them any commands.
Spoke to Philips and their customer service said they MIGHT implement it in the future. Such a silly decision from them.
I’m trying to get enough people to tweet them, vote on my recent thread about it, to hopefully show them a lot of their users are having this issue.

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