Can't believe it now my WLT68 is faulty!!

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by CasDon, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Had a WLT66 that had to be swapped out, got the WLT68 back in april now it seems the 68 is faulty.

    It seems to have developed a fault where instead of showing gradual colour bands (e.g on the virgin media logo) I now get horrid shimmering black/dark red/maroon lines of pixels where the border is between the shades.
    This also happens on darker scene where it happens on skin but this time with grey/cyan pixels.

    Checked it on all inputs and its the same HDMI, Freeview, Cable, DVD.

    Just to confuse more if you use the picture freeze function on the TV's remote where all the other pixels are static and stable, these "rogue" pixels still shimmer and flicker.

    Got the engineer coming round monday - just hope its easily fixable or at worst the set is replaced again.

    But having been a Tosh fan for some time this is really shaking my faith in Tosh's quality control - especially for a set that cost me over £1200:(

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