Can't always hear people on Live


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Last night for instance, I was playing GRAW with someone and he kept trying to talk to me but all I could hear was what can be best described as distortion.

It happens quite regularly but I can hear most people and most people can hear me.

My router is open.



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Same here... playing Table Tennis tonight and when I spoke I just heard a never ending echo, the other guy couldn't hear me and when he talked I got a noise like a fax machine!


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Basically it could be a number of things, lack of bandwidth, poor connection at your or his end, crap headset etc etc....there are so many things that can degrade the voice channel.


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DarkEntity said:
there are so many things that can degrade the voice channel.
Unfortunately it makes using the headset rather hit and miss and quite an unpleasant experience at times!


If you phone Microsoft, they will send you out a headset for free as there are issues with them.

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personnally i would say not being able to hear anyone would be a godsend! Most of the time they just hurl abuse or find it amusing to put the headset next to thier stereo a subject you to a load of muffled music.

Amusingly there is an advert for xbox live (i saw it at cinema) where everybody is extremely polite and well spoken to each other, yeah right!

thank god for the mute function


i have this problem on CoD2 it sucks cause it works on my other games!

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