Cant access all menus on Sony STR-DN610

Zip Funk

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Hi guys,
I've owned this receiver for many many years.
At first I had it set up to shut off after (maybe) 15 minutes of inactivity.
Now that the kids (or myself) use bluetooth headphones the receiver shuts off if it doesnt have audio running through it it seems.
This is frustrating as I have a media closet downstairs and I have to restart everything (when it shuts off the picture remains but the audio is gone, the only solution to this is to shut everything off and start again)

I figured I'd reset the time out but I cant access that part of the menu with the remote.
The remote works perfectly and the communication is fine. I can change HDMI inputs, volume, etc.
But accessing the "set up" menus is not happening.

In my Google travels I've read that this has happened to others but haven't found a solution.

Any help on this would vibe greatly appreciated.



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Tried pressing the little “amp menu” button rather than the main big menu button on the remote?

As a last resort you could reset the amp by holding the power button on the receiver itself (not the remote) for 5 seconds until “cleared“ appears on the display.


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