Canon XL1 16x9 anamorphic adapter

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    I've been doing a little investigation into the best way to shoot DV with a veiw to resing up to 35mm motion film. I say shoot in frame mode and use an anamorphic 16x9 adaptor rather than the digital crop and stretch 16x9 mode on the camera.

    However although I can find mention of such adaptors for the xm1 I havn't been able to find one for the XL1. I would prefer to shoot using the xl1 by virtue of its wider selection of lenses and lower noise levels: I was intending to buy a second hand xm1 for standby use and as a player to digitise from ( rather than put additional wear on the more expensive xl1(s) ).

    Some people have suggested that shooting on a more modern camera ie a vx2000 in fields instead of frames and then performing a deinterlacing process on the files before transferring to film would give better quality as a result of the newer electronics having a sharper overall picture: Having some experience in this matter I disagree and maintain that the frame mode on the canons although not a real progscan mode is a better type of interpolation as its happening on capture rather than after recording. ( higher than video res and prior to compression)

    So has anyone seen an anamorphic attachment for the xl1 series or will I have to make do with an xm1 ?

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