Canon XF105 or Sony NX-70E? 50mb 4:2:2 or 28mb AVCHD?


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I am really stuck between these two cameras due to the pros and cons.

The points I am considering:

Wide lens (26mm on 35mm equiv.)
Very Good Low Light
Built in 96GB storage
Effectively Waterproof

28mb/s recording

50MB/s recording
4:2:2 codec (apparently awesome!)


Poor low-light

Now both are pretty close on price, but I would like to be using it for weddings and corporate video.

With good lighting the Canon is currently the best quality in the price range, however the Sony is much more versatile by the look of it?

Would the difference between Canon's 4:2:2 at 50mb be significantly noticeable compared to 28MB/s on AVCHD and does the low-light ability of the Sony outweigh the benefits of the Canon's data rate?

I would love opinions and even users of the camera's to offer feedback.

Also the Sony as far as the spec goes it has better shooting formats?

MPEG2 1920x1080 50i
MPEG2 720p12 -50
MPEG2-1080p12 25

AVCHD 1920 x 1080/50p
AVCHD 1440 x 1080/50i
AVCHD 1920 x 1080/50i
AVCHD 1920 x 1080/25p
SD MPEG2 720 x 576

Full spec. comparison here:

Many thanks for any input, help or advice, cheers, MP
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These are somewhat Higher Specs than the usual comment/questions here, probably due to price. I understand that the majority of folks wouldn't tell the difference between the two technically, but wedding vids are often exposed in non-ideal lighting situations, so that would appear to be a big advantage - you can't relight the venues.

Also the majority of folks will expect a DVD (and be quite pleased with it), so at least for now the highest resolution is unnecessary, therefore Both are giving you some "future-proofing".

Have you been able to compare their performance?... that might show that the specs lie - although that is unlikely. Do you know why the low light performance is so different? I know that some (eg JVC have in the past incorporated a back-light so this "lifts" the low-light performance.
Are you currently using vid-mounted lights?
If that doesn't affect the customer . . . then the better quality is king - as it will make your vids show better when the customer enquires first. If the weather is good you can suggest they move outside (most will anyway).....or arrange a well-lit area to get good shots eg when guests greet the happy couple.

Finally, - I though many Wedding vids were using DSLR's - what's your view, then?
That's my take....FWIW.
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AVCHD (H264/AVC- mpeg4) at 28mbps should outperform mpeg2 at 50mbps. AVCHD is a way more efficient codec than mpeg2.


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I have recently played with Canon XA10 and Sony NX70E. The footages from them give me the results-- which I am going to Canon although Sony are more versatile and whether proof(it is also more expensive). Two important things: Fast auto Focus and Low light performance. Canon XA10 is better for both. These two are critical for me if you film in concert or wedding situations which lighting condition is changing all time. Canon XF105 is next model up to XA10. I think it will be better although I have never tried it.



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I use the XF105's big brother, the XF305 in a professional capacity.

The 305 has the same 50MB/s rate as the 105, and if that is anything to go by, it is one of the best handheld tapeless cameras I have ever used.

I use it alongside a Panasonic DVCProHD (tape) camera which costs 20, 30K more than the 305, and yet the Canon really holds its own, in some cases looking better than the DVCProHD.

I have received XF105 footage before but have never actually filmed with it myself, so I can't comment on the ergonomics of it. The footage I was given from it though was great.


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Thanks for the replies chaps, very useful and much appreciated.

I read with interest the thread/post about the colour issues, infinity issues, white balance, etc, etc and to be honest it really has swung me in the direction of the XF105 along with the easier to edit MPEG2 at Broadcast quality 50mbs data rate.

I think the lack of XLR inputs is an irritation but I am sure with a little research I will be able to find an adapter?

Apart from that and the review indicating low-light is more than adequately catered for, I think the decision has been made for me, so thanks for your help.

I did see a review for the XA10 with the AVCHD codec, but when it comes to ease of use I have to go with the 105.

Again thanks for your input, very much appreciated, cheers, MP

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