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I have recently purchased this camera for my first attempt at dp. While I am able to take and file photos I have a problem with the movies. When I play the movie back and view it on the camera it has sound, but when I transfer and file it on my computer there is no sound. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong?




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I have just ordered this camera and therefore can technically still chicken out.

Would you care to scare me to death or put my mind at ease regarding parting with enough money to buy a recordable DVD player?


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The camera seems well made and has plenty of features, but I am not sure wether I am overly impressed with digital cameras (compared to film).

I guess the people writing on these dp forums are pro dphotography.

My initial thoughts after 10 days of using the s45 are probably more to do with digital photography as a pose to this specific camera.

No film/developing costs
Delete the rubbish before filing
Take as many pics as you like
Ability to manipulate pictures
The ability to email pictures/short vids (albeit poor quality)with sound

A lot of time cosuming and messing around to file and print pictures which will fade faster than traditional prints.
Print paper expensive.
Better printer required (in my case)
Delay on pushing the button to taking the picture.
Poor battery life (unless you turn off the lcd)
Memory storage unacceptably low neccesitating a further £100 + purchase of CF card.


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What is it that doesnt make you impressed?

Is it print quality? or something else?

I was hoping to replace my canon EOS50e SLR. I was hoping that a 4Megapixel image would be like using grainy ISO400 film except youd have square pixels rather than random grain. I was also intending to use Jessops printing labs for album prints rather than a printer.

I was hoping that the S45 would give me the flexibility of an SLR (ie manual modes) but the convenience of a compact!

Just how poor is the battery life?


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The points I raise above are principally why I am not overly impressed with digital photography. If you want me to elaborate- email me and I will gladly do so.

As yet I have only printed up to A4 size and have only used the camera with the resolution set to its highest and with the highest setting compression and can say that the picture quality is fantastic with no (visible) pixilation. I may also use an on line printer until I decide which printer to purchase (which is as difficult and costly as deciding which camera)

This camera does give plenty of flexibility as you state.

Concerning the battery life. It is difficult to judge (as I am always turning it on and off) but would not be happy taking it out for a full day without a charged spare. I would guess no more than two hours continuous use.

PS Where have you ordered yours from? Jessops price matched mine to £433.


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2 hours!!!!!

I think I will be asking for a spare battery for christmas.

I got mine for £456 from unbeatable, but its interest free for a year. They were supposed to be price matching £433 + £10 p&P from AJ Electronics but they screwed up and I couldnt be bothered reordering.

Was that Jessops online or a shop as I have always found Jessops shops (Preston and Lytham St Annes) where I am very unhelpful regarding matching web prices and even worse for buying old kit off me. I saw the list price of my SLR for its condition (approx £200 with lens) and they offered me £70!!!! Im keeping the SLR!!

How much did you pay for compact flash? Ive found 256Mb at just under £60 and 128M for £30.

Have you sorted out the sound issue?

As regards printer what hve you got that needs upgrading? I have the Canon S500 (bought last christmas) but am not sure if you can get photo ink for this, not even sure where to find out how it rates as a photo printer. Any ideas?

When you say highest setting compression is that superfine or raw? Ive bought 128M CF but if I need to take raw to get perfect pictures thats only just over 30 raw images which isnt a lot, where as 60 is enough for a day.


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No still not sorted the sound but now know it is not the camera or software but a problem with my comp or settings.

I ordered 256Mb on Sunday on the Internet and paid 90$ plus shipping 15$. Was aware of cheaper deals but specifically wanted Transcend25X as it seems to be faster/the best.

I am going to purchase a printer this week and am wavering towards Canon 900 but there is a Epson model I like.

I use superfine and havn’t even thought of using raw yet cos I hadn’t even heard of it till I bought the camera and havn’t got round to learning about it.

Have you seen They have some excellent forums and reviews etc.


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Yep seen dpreview and steves digicams/imaging-resource/dcresource.

But the reviews are sterile/clinical, like lab tests. Nothing like a real life review, for example their battery life test on dpreview is number of shots, where as your 2 hours worth is a better measurement.

Have just started to work my way through their forums.

Good sites for cheap CF are and (especially when CF is on the todayonly page).


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A techie friend has finally sorted the sound. It appears the sound card settings/files? had somehow gone missing or been corrupted - makes no sense to me cos i certainly never touched them - but all now seems well.


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I now have a spare battery, new USB ports for front of PC and a CF card, but no camera!!!!

Roll on next week!!!


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Have to thank you for an inadvertant tip.

After ordering the S45 from Unbeatable at over £450 but with 12 month sinterest free. I waited 11 days and they still couldnt tell me where the camera was in terms of when it would get to me, all they knew is that it hadnt got to them.

So I walked into jessops asked for a price match, got it, asked for interest free credit and got 9 months!!!! have now cancelled the order with unbeatable

SO now I almost have the same deal, saving £20 and with a local retailer less than a mile away!!!!


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So Andyxxx
After a weekend with this camera all I can say is I had low expectations and they have all been exceeded. Having an slr and working in IT I had preconceptions of low functionality and low quality images. I am blown away by the ease of this camera and its flexibility. Every function is one menu away and quickly set.

I cant say enough good things about this camera. But there are a couple of niggles and I was wondering if you suffered these too?

Firstly, the flash. In pure auto it makes the image too bright on closeups. Its about right at 7-10feet but any closer and faces are whitewashed. I know I can compensate for this but I shouldnt have to compensate an out of the box camera for a standard flash portrait shot.

The other thing is I can get this camera to work perfectly with windows XP and 2000 professional. But I cant get remote capture to work with 2000 pro. What are you using yours with.

Other than these two issues, I have a funny feeling that my SLR will slowly sink to the bottom of the cupboard and be given to my son in 10 years time as an antiquated intro to analogue photography (when 35mm film will be hard to find and processing will cost 5 times that of digital)

Gordon A

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Maybe a daft question, but is there any way of using the S45 as a webcam? Just got mine the other day and still on the experimentation stage!


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Sorted out the W2K pro problem. Just the flash now. Does anyone else think its too bright on auto?

On the subject of webcam I will try it out, but without the AC adaptor I would assume you wouldnt get much footage and a webcam is cheaper than a spare battery!!!!


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Looked at netmeeting to see if I could use the S45 as a video source. The help file states that the source is either a capture card or a video for windows device, which the S45 isnt.

SO there is no easy way of using the S45 digicam as a webcam using netmeeting.

I dont suppose you ar Andy could coment on my flash issue. As I wouldnt mind knowing wether its take it back time!


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Rang canon and they say in Auto the flash should behave perfectly, sounds like a fault. I have to take it back. If they dont have a replacement I may cry. I have fallen in love with this camera and dont think I can bare to be parted.


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Sorry i have not replied - been waiting for broadband connection.

I have also noticed the flash to be too bright in auto mode. Instead of taking it back why not use p mode with the flash turned down a third? I have found this works a treat



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Yeah, thats what I do, but I just think if it says auto it should be auto, especially if it knows the distance (from AF) and it uses a preflash for AE. It should be able to do it!!!

Still in all other respects I am very very very happy with this camera

Better still I just discovered how to create Video CD photo albums last night

My poor SLR. The only thing it has left going for it is the 75mm-300mm lens. But ive discvered you can get add on lens for the S45 so maybe there will be no redeeming functions of my SLR very soon!

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