Canon Projectors... Can someone recommend something?



Ok, this is the deal... I live in the United States (New Orleans)... There is basically one place that sells A/V stuff here and they only carry Canon / Sony / Infocus. If I act on it right now, I can buy any Canon Projector at wholesale price. Can someone recommend a nice Canon projector or just straight up tell me if they are junk. And out of the 3 types, which would be the best to get: Sony / InFocus / Canon.

Things I want:

HDTV Comp.
HDMI Input
High Resolution
Long Lamp Life

Things I am not worried about:


I am looking for a projector in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. Someone help me please ;)


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cant help on the canon....

or sony..

on the infocus side, all i can say is your price limit will get you HD inputs, but not HD least not that im aware, the 7205 is the minimum Infocus home cinema PJ to do 1280x720......however if you can work out a way to afford it i highly recommend it, am more than happy with mine :)
you might get the 5700 for your money, that has the HD inputs, but DVD resolution (1024x576).....but is a highly lauded player for the money....

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