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Jan 3, 2002
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I have just seen this and to be honest, I don't get it.

7 x optical zoom
All the usual point and shoot features (including manual mode) that we have come to expect from the Powershot range.


Looking online, the best prices seem to be just under £900.

This is more than a 300D which although only being 6mp, still looks to be a better camera on paper.

So do Canon really expect to sell these against the 300D or have they missed the point OR are they counting on those who must have the maximum number of megapixels buying it for that reason alone?
well its 8mp and £799 at amazon, but its not DSLR so should it be 100 quid or so cheeper than rebel.. umm dunno !

i had AE1p (i like canon) with 3 more lens n flash etc got fed up lugging them around went to a compact fer yrs, now ordered a FZ10 to have a all in 1 camra at 300 quid (USA) if canon did that zoom.. i would buy one but 28 - 200 dont cut it even @ 8 mp
The Canon Pro1 has recieved alot of bad posts on (a) the price (b) noise CA/PF (c) over rated lens.

I pre-ordered a Pro1 when it was announced at the PMA back in February but after seeing the price of the thing in comparison to a Powershot G5 which you can now get for £369 it just doesnt make sence to pay double for the Pro1 as the technology leep is not that great.
Park Cameras rang me today to see if I still wanted the camera and i declined.

Check out its a great site for all photographic needs.

Search the forum board and see for yourself

Wait a couple of months til the price falls.
Originally posted by keanyboy
Well for the life of me i dont get that price with that spec:confused:
Please explain in plain English what you mean?
Are you refering to the G5 which i can get for £369 or the Pro1 which is currently £809
The Canon Pro 1 must be aimed at people who want an all in one solution and are not *that* bothered about image quality. As has already been said it suffers from purple fringing at the very least.

A 6MP DSLR will floor it on image quality, not to mention functionality etc.

Remember - the sensor in a DSLR is a lot larger than in any compact. This gives much larger pixels and hence far superior image quality.

I got my Nikon D70 with 18-70mm lens for less than the price of a Pro 1.

'nuff said:D

Also, bear in mind the largely negative press/reviews that the G5 has had. Plenty of faults and not as good as the G3 in terms of overall value for money. That said, at £380ish, it's probably a bargain if you can live with the downsides.

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