Canon Powershot A610 battery fault??


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Hi, I was wondering whether anyone had any advice about whether there's a problem with my camera?... :thumbsdow

I have had a Canon Powershot A610 (which takes 4 AA batteries) for 13 months. After using non-rechargeable batteries for a bit, my 1st set of rechargeable batteries (Uniross 2100) lasted on one charge for about 5 months and 250 photos. When they finally ran out (with very little warning), I swapped them over for my 2nd set (Maplin 2300) which were brand new & had been recently fully charged. They lasted about 10 photos and then died (with no warning). I recharged them, and 3 of them were full again in next to no time, 1 took nearly 2 hours. Same thing happened again, so I assumed 1 dodgy battery, & got a discount from Maplin for a new (3rd) set of batteries (Uniross 2500).

In the meantime, I'd fully recharged the 1st set and put them back in, and they've lasted another impressive 5 months and 300 photos! After finally running out again, I swapped over onto my 3rd set, which I'd just fully charged. They also lasted about 10 photos and then died (with no warning at all). I've just recharged all of the 3rd set - 3 were full again in 10 minutes, the other 1 took nearly 2 hours.

I've read some other slightly random complaints online about battery problems (and stuck lens problems, SD card recognition problems, LCD problems, camera dying problems) on the A600 series. (Don't Canon rate reliability or build quality as important??) - Although it's a bit weird it still seemed to like the 1st set of batteries so much! Or can I really have been so unlucky with 2 dud batteries out of 2 sets of 4? Thanks for any advice...

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