Canon or Sony for Analogue Conversion




I am interestred in comparing the following camcorders for
the best options relating to Analogue to digital conversion:

Canon Mv600I series

Sony DCR TRV22.

I know that the Sony is probably the better buy while the Canon has the edge over the Sony with the zoom etc. But I am having problems finding out which has the advantage relating to Analogue- digital conversion.

The Sony has the option (i think) for a bypass, without having to record the footage first and then playing back to the PC. While the people at Canon don't seem to know which option the 600I series has.

Please would any user of the above advise me which is the best
camcorder relating to this topic and other advantages or problems encountered.

Very much appreciated feed back.
I have trv 22 currently transferring old analogue to DVD. There is no noticeable difference between bypass and first recording to tape. The original source admittly is not the best. Only problem has been getting the firewire working. Did not like the onboard firewire on an NF2 board. Got it working with a pci firewire board with TI firewire chip.

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