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I am interested in buying a camcorder - I bought a canon MV650i and had to send it back, the tape motor noise on the recording was absolutely horrendous! I've since found out that this is a major fault with this camera. This is a shame as the features and price of this camera suited me best. Does anyone know whether the fault has been rectified in the MV750i, or indeed does anyone have any recommendations of decent beginners cameras (am looking for 16+ optical zoom, mpeg4, dv in/out etc) that are up to the £500 mark?



I am almost certain the fault has been rectified in the 750i, havent used one myself but have chatted to those that have and it all seems ok now. If you are after the zoom it really narrows down your options to Canon/JVC or the Panasonic with 16x but is not DV in/out.
If you liked the Canon bar the sound I wuld stick with that.


I returned a Canon MV630i due to the motor noise and was all poised to buy a Sony TRV33 when I heard that both companies had announced replacements. I have spent the last couple of week reading up, scanning these forums and playing at various retailers and can report that while there is an improvement in the Canon 700's, there is still considerable motor noise and am now the happy owner of a Sony HC40. Lovely little thing it is too!


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Just got my first digital camcorder a MV750i.

First results show that there is no motor noise from recordings.
However, the zoom button does produce a very loud click if you don't use it carefully.

Don't know if the 650 had this problem?

Picture quality on recordings seems pretty good, although I must say not that much better than my old Panny SX50 SVHSC job, there are noticable digital artifacts in low light recordings.

Although the Canon is much more convenient and better specd.
guess size DOES matter, the old Panny has a nice big bit of glass on the front, and is much easier to hold steady!!

Think I'll be keeping the Panny as a backup

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