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Canon MV600 charging question


Well-known Member
Hi Guys,

This may be a stupid question, but I bought this camera a few years back form my travels. It was working ok last year but when I tried to charge it the other day it won't charge at all. The LED on the charger is lit, and the camera splutters into life for a split second but that it.

Is it the battery pack that is the problem do you think?
Or could it be any number of things?




Distinguished Member
Does the camcorder work if you have it plugged into the mains?

Most likely the problem is the battery; they have a limited life, and don't like not being used for a long time. Or it could be a problem with the charging circuit of the camcorder (less likely).


Well-known Member

No the camera does nothing when plugged in, the charger light doesn't come on or anything. I think I'll try a new battery and see what happens.


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OK, just a quick update. Bought a new battery, it still won't charge.
Could it be the charging circuit, or some other problem?

It just isn't turning on or showing any signs of life, even when charging.

Any idea?

Seems to be a different probem to the other big MV600 thread.


Bobby Jones

It's a charge capacitor has went. the cam will still run off the mains but can neither charge to or take power from the battery. Quite a common fault on this model of camera, Canon should have done a recall (deja vu?....)

If you can find a member called Peter Bereton, he can probably tell you a bit more about it.


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Its a shame that I bought it 2 1/2 years ago, I'm sure I would get nowhere with a free fix etc.

Do you know how much it might cost to fix?

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