Canon MV600 Camcorder. DEAD !!!


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Hello everyone,
My name is Trevor and i'm new here so please be kind.........:thumbsup:
I've got a Canon MV600 Camcorder which I haven't used for about a month.
The last time I used it was to transfer the tapes I had to disc.
I've got it out of it's case tonight to use it, connected the power pack to it and nothing happened at all. Ok, the power packs dead.........needs recharging. Plugged it into the mains to charge it up. Still nothing. No light flashing. Tried everything.......It's as dead as a squashed Hedgehog :mad:
All I can hear from it when connected to power is a very faint clicking noise coming from inside it. Any clue ????? I can't believe it can just pack up like this without any signs. Any ideas out there before I get screwed at a service centre.

Many thanks............Trevor Day.


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Good evening Trevor and a big welcome to the camcorders and video editing section of the AV Forums. :)

NImH and L-ion batteries can discharge past the point at which they will charge normally using the charger.

The easiest thing to do is to plug the battery back into the charger and leave it for a couple of days if necessary. If this doesn't work then there is something else wrong but do try this approach first 'cos it'll be cheaper than anything else you might have to try next.


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Thanks for your reply,
I don't have a charger, I just connect the camcorder to the mains and charge the power pack through the camera. Usually when the Camcorder is connected this way it will still operate even if the battery is low but there is no sign of life at all. The charging light isn't flashing, and when switched on and the screen open it is dead. The camcorder is very rarely used, so it's not down to over use.
Very confused and ****** off...........Going on holiday soon and wanted to get the kids on film.........:rolleyes:


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OK, then, if it were me I'd buy this for £15:

That will tell you whether it's the battery/charging circuit within the cam, or if it's the camcorder.

If it solves the problem then you have gained a charger and a spare battery. If it doesn't work then you can decide whether to junk the camcorder, get a quote to get it repaired, or buy a new one on eBay for £109 right now.

If it doesn't work and you decide to buy a new, better camcorder, you can always buy one that that battery will fit, or sell it again on eBay where you will more than likely get your money back, if not make a small profit because there are folk who won't buy from abroad or who won't wait for things to turn up.

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