Canon mv550i vs. Sony TRV25E



I am trying to decide between these two camcorders which are both currently available in the UK for around £650. But getting conflicting advice. Some say Canon are more reliable and that the larger optical zoom is better. Others say the Sony has the clearer picture. I am not interested in the stills capability and wanted just to buy a good camcorder with a DV in facility, but the models being how they are have lead me to these to. What Camcorder gave both a good write-up, but this weeks Which magazine prasied the Sony and slated the Canon.

Any users out there with experiences ?


I bought a Canon 550i from www.letsgodigital and did not like it... I thought the picture was not particularly crisp (even compared to my old Sony analogue) and I hated the amount of motor noise during quiet bits (indoors etc) and wind noise.. The motor noise is a high pitched whine, that really annoyed me.

Letsgodigital do a 30 day money back guarentee and I'm glad they do.. I had a 550i for about 10 days and sent it back, and then got a Panasonic NV-GX7b... I love it... crisp images, no motor / wind noise, and good quality stills... these were not important to me either, but I've found it dead useful to have 'em. (see seperate posting about letsgodigital)

Another thing against the Canon (don't know about the Sony) is that you have to charge the batts on the you can't have one charging, while using another .. this would cause me a problem...

hope this helps


The Canon and Sony are both on my list, as is the Panasonic.
I've not seen the Which review so I'd be interested to know what they thought was wrong with the Canon.
I've often found Which reviews have different priorities than me, putting great importance to things I find irrelevent.
The battery charging thing with the Canon is quite negative point for me in terms of practicality and other reviews I've seen have been rather a mixed bag, but there seem to have been more reviews of the Canon and others in the range than the Sony.
Larger zoom range comes at a price in terms of less light coming through at full zoom, but Canon have always been renowned for the quality of their optics.
Noise is something else that's often overloooked. How many of us will actually use an external mic on a regular basis - the whole point of these cams is that they're small enough to take anywhere. Noise can be intrusive on the tape as well as the environment you're filming in.

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