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Hi all
I have a canon mv500i and i have lost my driver disk have tried canon and they don't do the drivers
can anyone tell me where i can find them
as i am trying to get some very important video on to my pc
many thanks

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Assuming you are trying to transfer using Firewire/iLink/IEEE1394, you shouldn't need any drivers.

You don't say what OS you are using, but you should be able to use Windows Movie Maker (bundled with Windows Vista Home Premium or downloaded for free from MS website for XP) to transfer the video.

You would generally only need Windows drivers if using Windows98 and only then when transfering stills via USB.


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hi steve thanks for the reply i am using xp home and am not using firewire am connecting it via usb hence i need the drivers

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I think Steve's point is that you should get a firewire cable and import your clips using firewire, not USB, which you should use for stills only, not video.

Is USB how you've imported your video from this camera in the past?


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I've just downloaded the MV500i manual (from this site) and here's what it says about connecting the camera to a PC:
By using a DVcable and connecting the camcorder to a PC equipped with a DV
terminal conforming to IEEE 1394/DV-compatible capture board, you can transfer
images taken with the camcorder to your PC.
• While connected, it is recommended that you power your camcorder from a
household power socket using the power adapter.
• Turn off the power of both the camcorder and the PC before connecting.
• Optional software necessary.
So a firewire (a.k.a. IEEE 1394, a.k.a. DV) connection is what's needed - not USB, importantly.
Also, "optional software necessary" seems a bit oxymoronic: it's optional, but necessary? I assume this merely refers to the fact that you need some kind of software on the PC to import to, and that it's "optional" because it's not supplied by Canon. As Steve points out, Windows Movie Maker should do the trick, unless you have other editing software to hand.

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Hi there, I have a Canon MV 500i that I am trying to PX as I don't need it any more. Trouble is we have moved recently and the box with the Disc and leads is in the loft.

If you are still needing one I don't mind going up to the loft to check.

For editing I used Video Studio by Ulead and a firewire cable / card if that is any help. I probably have the software for that somewhere in the loft also.


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Thanks for the offer However I would use the classified ads it you are trying to sell it: It should move quickly and that is the right place to do it

If not , are you offering the software and cables?

The OP already has the camcorder and infact as preceding posts have noted , the software in the box isnt always essential , even if it can sometimes be helpful
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