Canon MV400 Firewire output prob

I have been trying to copy some home dv tapes onto my Philips DVDR-75 without success. I have also tried outputting from my Canon to my PC via firewire but it is not recognised. The fault could be with the camcorder or cable . Is there anyway to try to eliminate the culprit with the equipment above. Camcorder is firewire out only, DVD rec firewire in only.


When you can buy a firewire cable for about £5 I would suggest getting one to try first. If that still does not work then the chances are you have a problem with the camcorder (and a spare firewire cable once cam has been repaired)



If you've got a friend with a working system it might be a good idea to pop your camera round and try it on their system. if yours doesn't work and theirs does it's likely to be your camera.

Also - just checking - you are trying with the camera in 'VCR' mode ???
Thanks for ideas, have bought a new firewire cable 4 pin to 4 pin that works on my pc but I get nothing on my dvd recorder. Looks like it was the cable and the dvd recorder.

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