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Canon HV10 not so sure now?


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I have had the Canon HV10 for the last few days, so far the picture quality outside is great can not knock it. However there are a couple of things which make me feel like returning the camera back.
1. The grip is not the best at all, it is useable for short shots but I feel it getting more uncomfortable for any more than 5 mins. Plus ever time i use the zoom it tends to make the picture shake.
2. The battery life does not seem that great, I have discharged the battery and recharged it a few times now to get it conditioned but this find my older sony DVD403 far better and that was a DVD based camcorder. Yes you can get an extra long life battery but that would stick out the side. This camera seems not designed for longer life batteries due to the flush fit of the original.
3. In low light I find the vertical lines in the picture unacceptable. I would rather have a nosier picture than those lines down the picture as you would get on a cheap web cam!

Now is the Sony HC3 really a bad choice against the Canon, Or do i wait for the next round of cameras next year and hope choice improves on whats out at the moment.
Please help any input will be great in making my mind up once and for all.


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Overall, the HV10 and HC3 are very comparable.. but for 2 of the issues you mentioned, the HC3 has the edge. The HC3 is better in low light; and due to the less uppright position and slightly larger size, more comfortable to hold.
As for battery life... the HC3 battery life with the supplied battery isn't great either (HDV is more battery hungry than DV). But you can add a larger one confortably with the HC3.


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Cheers for the reply, I wish i could have the two for a day to compare! One thing that makes we want to stick with it is people say the picture rivals the sony FX-7 which is £1800! Can someone give me a true idea of the difference between the hc3 and the hv10 in the day light, it is really that much better?


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Cheers for the link Mark, it's the part regarding the res score that i don't quite understand. Is the res on the canon better because of the lens? I know the canon has a true 1920x1080 sensor but HDV only recorders as 1440x1080 so it can't be the sensor.


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I bought a second HV10 battery from ebay (bp315) for about 8 pounds, cant say how long it lasts as the longest event ive had was my sons birthday for about 1.5h. Your right it does stick out but it doesnt get in the way, and it doesnt bother me.

Personally, grip wise I think its ok, my fingers go round the front of the camera, dont know if they are supposed to be on top or not but to me it seems easier this way.

Overall im really pleased, wont be taking mine back. Ive noticed the same low light lines as you mentioned but I can live with that.

I guess if you wait 6 months the price will have come down by half and the next best thing will be out (HV20?), maybe you should return the HV10 and try the HC3, at least then you can either keep OR return the HC3 and decide that way...choices...choices.

Have fun!


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it's the part regarding the res score that i don't quite understand. Is the res on the canon better because of the lens? I know the canon has a true 1920x1080 sensor but HDV only recorders as 1440x1080 so it can't be the sensor.

The video resolution score in those reviews is measured using a resolution chart and some software that evaluates it. Basically the higher score means the HV10 produces a sharper image than the HC3.

All HDV (1080i) camcorders produce 1440x1080 video, just like all DV (PAL) camcorders produce 720x576. So by definition, that is the resolution. But in practice, just like some TVs have better pictures than others, camcorders will vary in the actual detail of the pictures they produce.

Why does the HV10 score better? It will be some combination of the sensor, the lens, the digital signal processing, etc.

Will you be able to tell the difference? Hard to say; it may end up being your TV/display which is the limiting factor. By definition all 1080i TVs have the same resolution in terms of the number of pixels, but that doesn't mean they all produce the same quality of picture.

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