Canon HF100 or Panasonic HDC-SD20


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As per the title, which would you go for - Canon HF100 or Panasonic HDC-SD20? Can get the Panasonic from QVC and hopefully the Canon from Currys (if they have any left). Is there much to choose between the two? Need something easy to use. Is one better picture quality than the other?

Any help appreciated....


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I think if you can get the Canon at Currys it's a better buy. Even refurbs are selling for £450 at Canon Outlet (ebay) whereas the SD20 seems to be under £400 in many places.

Both have a single sensor, but from the specs it seems the canon sensor is larger, which generally helps for low-light conditions. I've not seen any side by side comparisons though. I've been impressed with whats come out of the HF100 in the couple of days I've had it - it won't set the world alight in its still image capture, but the video footage is very good.

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The Panasonic SD20 has higher 16x optical zoom (12x on Canon HF100). I believe the SD20 also has a touchscreen and is also 110g lighter than the HF100 at 270g (the Canon HF100 weighs 380g). From what I've read the Canon HF100 has better low-light performance.

Overall, I think it comes down to what price you can buy them for. The Panasonic SD20 is around £330 from QVC, which is £30 more expensive than the Canon HF100 at Currys (if you can find one). If you do find one at Currys though, it's likely to be a display model, which may bother you. In which case, you may as well go for a sealed model from QVC.

Basically, I don't think you'd go wrong with either model. Both have received quite good reviews. :)


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The HF100 is a much higher spec camera than the SD20 and will give a far better picture. Top, top reviews everywhere.


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If you want the HF100 check out a few currys stores, I picked up a display model (as new condition) for 299 today, complete and total bargain. I`d thought they`d priced it wrong! Its possible other currys stores have these as they are end of line.


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Thanks for your help and advice. Was going to go for the Canon, but no stock in Currys at any shop near me :thumbsdow Looks like it will have to be the Panasonic.

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