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canon hf100 help needed !



Hi, i'm a new poster on here & also have just bought my first camcorder in a long time - so please, any advice would be much appreciated (especially in non-tech speak for now):

I have a new Canon HF100 & am having loads of problems getting the footage onto my pc then to dvd. I'm aware of course that the AVCHD files can only truely be burned in full quality to a blu-ray disc. My main issue is:

both windows movie maker & the 'imagemixer' software that comes with the Canon allow me (slowly) to get the files onto my computer, however when I attempt to burn them to a dvd neither work. 'Imagemixer' states 'disc format not compatible - which I assume is because i'm attempting to burn to dvd+ & thier manual states dvd- (I have always used dvd+ to burn on my computer & I therefore assumed it was only capable of burning dvd+) & windows movie maker simply stops working when it gets to the menu option page just before burning. It says it is looking for a solution but doesn't offer one. Perhaps this too is down to dvd- ?

This happens when I attempt to burn a dvd leaving the files as they are & when I convert them to mpeg2.

. can anyone suggest what might be happening ? is it perhaps that any file derived from hd footage can only be burned to dvd- discs ?

arghh !



bumping this question back up - anyone got any advice - i'm tearing my hair out here & I don't have much to spare ;)


This is not a good answer...but it is an answer. I have the same problem and it is most frustrating. The only way I've found to do this takes several steps and not all are free.

The "Imagemaker' software that came with your HF100 camera will allow you to download onto your computer. The video's will come in s...l...o...w...e...l...y in a m2ts format. You will quickly discover that to be a useless format.

You can purchase a conversion software (such as Daniusoft Converter) to convert the m2ts format into a MPEG or AVI format, unfortunately also s...l...o...w...e...l...y.

Now you are in a format that can be opened and edited by things like Adobe Premier Elements and probably some other stuff. After you edit it, you can make TV compatible DVDs using Adobe Encore.

You will loose a little quality in the process and this takes forever. But the video will still be good, and if you are young enough, you'll probably have time to actually get where you are trying to go.

Hopefully, someone who have figured out a way to do this which is actually reasonable will respond and put us both out of our misery.

Good Luck!


thanks for that. I've now managed to burn a dvd using 'imagemaker' & it seems fine. However it is a bit frustrating that the process of getting hd footage from camera / card to computer & then to DVD is so complicated. I wonder why the camcorder makers didn't all design a better system from the outset !

so, my question still remains: can people explain (in non-tech speak if poss) ways to get hd footage onto a dvd in the best quality possible & also suggest any good editing software that handles Hd footage & writes to dvd well ?


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