Canon HF10 vs Sony PD170P


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Hi All,

I was just about to buy a canon HF10, when a collegue offered me a Sony PD170. He says it's a 'proper camera' and I have looked on ebay and they do indeed go for 1k - 1.6k, so I am wondering....

Is an older 'professional' camera better than a modern consumer one? I would just be interested in hearing your opinions :)

Many thanks...

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It's an 'old' DVCAM one, great camera but personally I would rather buy and High Definition model like the HF10...


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I agree. The one area the PD170 will clearly win is low light performance. Apart from that, in good light I'd rather have the HF10.

If you don't care about high definition, and low light performance is critical, and you don't mind carrying around a much larger unit, then the PD170 would be a good choice.

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