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Canon FS11 Digital Flash Memory Video Camera Review


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Canon FS11 Digital Flash Memory Video Camera

Hi guys,
When looking to purchase either the Canon FS10, FS100 or FS11 I was unable to find any reviews of the products to get an idea if they were right for me. So after deciding to go for the FS11 here is my own personal review below. These are my own personal opinions, and I am looking at it from my own experiences. My last camera was a Canon MV5i.

On receiving the camcorder the unit comes in the Canon’s normal small square glossy box, straight away without even taking the unit out of its box you can tell it’s going to be light. In the box you get the usually multi language manuals, two software CD’s, AC adapter, with UK mains cord and two pin euro power cord, a usb lead, TV lead, wireless remote, remote battery, rechargeable camera battery, wrist strap and of course the FS11 camera.

The camera itself feels very small in the palm of your hand, I’ve heard these cameras described the size of a red bull can and I would have to agree with this, to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if it weighted the same too..
The battery slides into the bottom of the camera under a little plastic door, on the FS11 this is also where the additional memory card is installed. Even with the battery installed the camera still feels very light weight. When looking around I didn’t realize the camera had a light for low level light filming which is a nice feature for such a small camera. The lens is covered with an automatic cover when off.

In my large hands the camera feels comfortable to hold however it is a little awkward reaching for zoom buttons and record button. The switch to change the camera from Photo, video, and play video, play photo is huge for the size of the camera odd to why Canon made it smaller for such a little camera. The LCD screen looks great, nice and bright and clear. With all the function buttons easy to use. The LCD has a little joystick attached which is a nice little feature when navigating menu ‘s.

The camera turns on very quickly and you can begin recording within seconds, which I find a real plus point. While recording you get no camera noise which is a nice change from hearing the noise of a tape rotating, the joys of a camera with no moving recording parts I guess. The wind noise cancellation feature also works well.

Video quality, when I first transferred the video onto my notebook I was a little disappointed, when recording moving objects you seems to getting strange digital lines round the objects which causes a blur, However when I played the same video through my 50” plasma the video was great quality with non of the lines. I know the camera is only SD however for the price I think the quality is very good. I can hear you all asking what the camera is like in low light.. Well I did some filming this evening when the sun was going down and the picture becomes grainy in dark low light, however the light works well for up close content.

The camera does not appear to have a very wide lens for up close content, people & objects appear very close and its hard to get everything in, you find yourself moving backwards to try and get everything into the shot. This is one part of the camera which I think really lets it down, however when filming at parties and out and about it will be fine.

All in all I think it’s a great little camera, very small, compact, lightweight, good battery life for a great price.

Hope this helps anyone looking to buy one. Give me a shout if you have any questions that I’ve missed..



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Thanks for the detailed review. Sounds pretty good!

I think the reason this model hasn't had so much discussion is there isn't much of a price difference to move to high def models (especially when you can grab a Panasonic SD5 for £350).


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I am planning to buy one of these myself, upgrading from an old Sanyo (circu 1990). I have just copied all my tapes to DVDs and need to come into the digital world.
I, like yourself, am searching for reviews.
From your experience, looks like I can go ahead.

From my research, the HD camcorders are approx twice as expensive, and so not for me, as my children will be using the camcorder.

The small size attracts me to this machine, I have not seen one in reality yet. I have looked at the HDD camcorders but believe the SD card ones will be even smaller.
Also, being digital, I can delete some of the clips my children take, (of their feet, etc).
At around €400 in my area, I will just about let the children use it, any more and I would have to watch it too closely.

If you have any updates during the next few days, it would be great if you could post.

Again, I can't thank you enough.


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Thanks for the review! Could you please upload some of the videos to a file hosting site? I would like to have a look at the quality in low light.


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interesting htread. looking at purchasing some camcorders for media work within a scahool, and ease of use and easiest way of getting footage off the cam top of the list. We can get the FS10 or £250 which is around the budget we had in mind giove or take so these look ideal. any examples of video would be appreciated :smashin:


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Hi there i am thinking about one of those camcorders the fs 100 which has no internal memory but im sure its the same as the fs11 wich has some memory so i will have to buy a memory card which isnt a problem. If you type canon fs 11 into youtube there are some videos which relate to the 11 and 100.

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