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Canon / FCP3 audio sync problem

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Editing Forum' started by Lucifer, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Lucifer


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    Hi All,
    As 'subject' describes, I have an audio sync problem.
    I'm capturing in OfflineRT from a Canon XM1, (tho' the situation is the same in full DV capture.) The tape is a compile created in iMovie and recorded onto a blacked tape (to avoid timecode breaks).
    I have captured 1 hour of footage (into FCP3) in four 15 min segments all during same session. No changes to prefs etc has been made between each recording - but - each of the 4 files produces different sync results. The first was fine, subsequent 3 manifest different degrees of sync failure - between 1 and 5 seconds video lag, and the sync changes within each file too! I've checked out apple knowledge base for audio sync probs., and applied all poss. suggestions. I've even trashed prefs and started from default.
    I've been fighting this for days now and am at my wits end.

    iBook, 384ram, OSX 10.2, QT6.0.1, FCP3, 15gig space on drive:confused:

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