Canon EOS 5D Mark II And 7D, what they worth now w/out lens


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Canon EOS 5D Mark II And 7D, what they worth now w/out lens, used.

in good shape, all bits besides lens is there.
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The 5d's that I have seen go for around the £1400 mark not sure about the 7D, I would search Ebay for comparisons. It's also dependant on shutter count.


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A 5D sold here
Talk Photography

Canon 5dmk2 body in absolute immaculate condition, with screen protectors on both screens and was purchased for £1598.94 on 02 sept 20111 so 5 months old with just under 8k shutter actuations

Sold for £1300 with the grip and batteries


Just thought I'd get in there before sbowler puts up the market value of the 5dm2 just as I'm about to get one..


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I can get a 5d mkii for £1439 new, so how come they are so much second hand?


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of course grey import (from a reputable seller) is far preferable to a used camera so you would hope there would be a bit more savings in the used market.

Id agree, its a popular camera like the D700 I guess so they hold their value well.

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