Canon EOS 450d body with Tamron Lenses ?


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Has anyone here used or know about Tamron lenses with a Canon EOS 450d ?

I havent purchased the 450d yet and i am tempted to get a body only and go for a similar lens from the Tamron range as they seem to be alot cheaper.

Any thoughts ??


I have done a quick bit of research and (I think!) the Canon EOS 450d uses a "Canon EF lens mount, Canon EF-S lens mount" as it mentions here:

So in theory all I need is the following adapter:

Tamron adaptall-2 Lens to Canon EF EOS Mount Adaptor

and then I think I can use any of the tamron "adaptall-2" lenses like the following:


Tamron Adaptall-2 80-210mm F/3.8-4

I know the quality might be be great (and maybe not for a primary lens) but for around 30 quid (if it works) it might be worth a shot (excuse the pun!) for a 2nd lens.
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As they're so cheap, the adaptall lenses could be considered worth a punt for a bit of fun, but I wouldn't say they are in any way suitable for use instead of the kit lens or any other EF/EF-S mount lens.
I use a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens on my 30d and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, but the lenses you're looking at are a different ball game altogether. For a start, the lack of autofocus would be a massive pain in the proverbial.


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Your going to buy a pretty spiffy new dSLR.

Then stick on it cheap cheap consumer glass by using an adaptor and not end up with even a fully functioning lens in the end?

Why not just buy EF mount cheap len's, theres plenty about.


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If you're looking at a general walkabout zoom, consider a Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro. £210 new according to but you'd be able to pick one up cheaper second hand, perhaps around £150. Second hand lenses bought from this forum are, in my experience, very good value.

If you can make do with a prime 50mm Canon nifty fifty is always very good value, costs about £30-40 second hand and that length is pretty good for portraits and outdoor shots around town.

But there are loads of threads on good starter lenses - try a search here, lots of ppl know more about it than me.

Hope that helps!

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