Canon EOS 350d or 20d?



I'm looking to buy one of the above Canon dslr's but would like to know what those that all ready have them think about them.

I will probably buy the body and then sigma or tamron lenses so package costs are irrelevant.

Does the 20d justify the extra cost????

Your views are appreciated, thanks. :thumbsup:

P.S., Initially I will just be using it for amateur photos, but hope to seriously get back into photography having been away from it since school :eek:
There is a thread almost the same here on the forum i help run

link removed

great comparison in there
I have a 20D. I have never held a 350D so I don't claim to be an expert on the differences.

You can probably find lots of reasons for one over the other but for me the biggest factor was the ease of access to the controls. I can change all the major settings in the blink of an eye without having to delve into menus and look at a display screen. That means I actually choose what I want and set it without thinking how to. The size of the camera looked right as well.

On a side issue - mattym... you may have a link in your sig making it obvious but I think you should declare openly it is *your* site before directing people from here to it. You are an important contributor here so I'm sure it was just an oversight.
I didnt think at all when i posted, so yes i will make sure i mention it if i have a link to it, and have edited my post accordingly!
thats a good one, nice
Thank you all so much. :smashin:

The above and the linked pages have proved invaluable help, especially the comparison you linked to senu. :)

I will now go to Jessops and handle the two cameras, but being female I think the 350d will be more suited to my hand size, and where the 20d is better than the 350d probably won't make a lot of difference to my shots for the foreseeable future at least.

I'm sure that if I find I want to take more professional shots in a few years time, Canon will have brought out a new model at a price that will suit me anyway ;)

The other plus point is of course that the money saved can go towards lenses and the extra grip etc which can't be bad.

Btw, you probably already know but Canon are offering up to £625 cash back on accessories when you buy a 350d, 20d, or 5d

Thanks again, you lot are great :thumbsup:
You hit the nail on the head concerning the grip. My 300D is awkward to use without the grip, I have big hands. With the grip it's a different beast altogether, so much easier to hold and control, but of course heavier and bigger. The main difference is the support added by the little finger which is vestigial without the grip.
Sorry!! :oops:

Just to make it even more difficult, I will say that I'm very happy with my 350D and would happily buy one again.

Go and have a feel of them both, there is quite a difference between the two when you hold them, allthough all that changes if you are going for a battery grip... and a 350D + grip is still cheaper than a 20D with £100 off... the choice is yours :D

I think that's the best idea at the moment.

Unfortunately i'm away for a week so i'll have to visit the camera shop when i return. Very frustrating.

Cheers for the info :)
I too own the 350D + battery grip ( which i dont always use) but gives the camera "presence" and is a joy to use for vertical shots. I went into Jessops and took a compact flash card in and took identical pics on auto on each and then went home to compare them on the computer . I did not see any difference. Picture qualitywise they are virtually identical . The 20d feels more solidly built but the plastic finish on the 350d disguises a sturdy unit. I am 6 feet tall and use (surgical) size 8 gloves yet dont find the smaller size a problem.
I have taken over 3000 pics with it since buying it in April this year. I now wish for: A better lens: EFS 17- 40mm, Canon flash : 550ex then the 440 so i can use one as a master the other as a slave ( wireless). I also wish for elegant models.... (if wishes were horses..) Im sure you get the drift though.
The kit lens is passable ( really) but it is cheap enough to buy to get used to the camera. You will find loads of .."Oh the 20d is better , the Nikons are better " devotees. The digic processor in the 20d and 350d are identical and the cmos sensors are not too disimilar. The menu system and options are also quite comprehensive ( and similar)
Good luck in your purchase.. whatever you buy will be a decent solid camera and you will soon need the latest "toy "a few years down the line.
I (still ) do not regret buying the 350 over the 20D . I have spent the difference on the battery grip, a camera bag, extra battery, 2 1G sandisc ultra III compact flash cards, photopaper and ink for my epson r300 photo printer ( they drink ink!!) and a little book on Adobe Photoshop elements3 .PSE4 is now out.
I recently returned from Disneyland with the Kids and of the 250-300 pics we took, I could print 85-90% without any editing and am satisfied.
Niether camera will dissapoint you , but dont forget, Like with buying a car, the spending doesnt stop there. ( just bought a car and feeling skint here!!)
And no...I do not work for Canon!
I have the 20D myself, but why have you ruled out the Nikon D70s? I took the 20D over the 350D, mainly due to how it felt in-hand.

Tis a fine camera.

again, not actually held the 350D, but I have owned the 300D for over a year, and can probably guess how the 350 will compare with it bigger brothers (purely based on played with the 20D and 1D MII in a shop a couple of times).

First off, the 300d is no match for the 20D in feel - the finish & build feel soo much more solid its untrue. Its likely the 350 will be similar in that respect.

Operation - I found the 20D much much more responsive (images were displayed on the LCD before I even had the camera lowered) and the viewfinder seemed a lot clearer.

Optically - not a noticable difference.

Features - not too sure how the 350 is setup, provided it has mirror lock up and flash compensation its probably as near-on identical as you need.

All in, if looking pro is important, as is that extra bit of speed in operation, then go for the 20D. As you say, the money not spent on a more expensive body can go towards better glass, and that's where you really will notice a difference optically!!
Just wanted to say that although it's taken me ages to get to the shops to see these two models up close, I have decided to get the 350d.

The 20d was a little big for my hands and I just couldn't justify the extra cost when I know that i've got to buy lenses and other accessories.

Thanks so much for all your advice :smashin: - i'm going to be getting the best xmas present :D
If your not totally into your photography i doubt you would have noticed any difference mate, you will love the 350d without doubt

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