Canon EF 28-105mm f3.5-4.5 USM II


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Is this one of the most under rated canon lenses? Been looking on POTN and dpreview and this lens get very good reviews. Quite a few even say it's IQ is very close to the 24-105L :eek: With the 28-105 only being £160 and the 24-105L £550ish I find that hard to believe but after seeing some snaps from the 28-105 at 5.6 it looks very nice

Reason I ask is I use my Sigma 17-70 for a walkabout lens and am very happy with it's IQ. However, for me personally I'm finding that 70 isn't long enough for me as a walkabout lens and I like the idea of having 105mm on my walkabout lens. The only thing putting me off is 24 or 28 might not be wide enough but you can't have everything.

I haven't decided but I was considering selling the 17-70 and going for the Canon 24-105L (In a few months) if I could afford it but now I've seen the Canon EF 28-105mm f3.5-4.5 USM II it's got me thinking should I get that and also keep the Siggy?


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From experience the 28-105 3.5-4.5 USM II is a fine lens. Some recent flower shots showed me how sharp it can be and the colour repro is excellent. The USM motor works well. I've always enjoyed using the 28-105. It feels like a proper lens and I've never hesitated to recommend it elsewhere but I only paid £90 for mine 2nd hand from Jacobs and base my opinion on that.It isn't without faults though. The max ap of 3.5 can be limiting without a tripod and the duo cam zoom mechanism is a bit loose now (though I've not noticed it creeping).
The range is pretty useful on a 1.6APS-c although I do sometimes find that 28mm is a bit limiting for wide shots. To this end I'm considering a better lens than the kit with a range from 17/18 and the 17-70 is a tempting alternative as is the Tamron 18-50 2.8, figuring I'd have a 2 lens system from 17-200, instead of the 3 lenses I currently use.
So essentially I would consider the Canon only if your sure the extra reach is what your after in a walkaround. If I were in the market for a £200 lens now, personally I'd be after what you have.
Hope this helps a bit.


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cheers, the 17-70 is certainly a very good lens I just wish it had an extra bit of reach! I guess before I make any decisions I need to decide if I can sacrifice wide angle for telephoto on a walkabout lens :confused:


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It is a great lens, I used it for my first big gig which was REM at Hyde Park, I thought I was ill equipped but that lens proved me wrong, it is underated.

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If you look HERE
you will see I tested the Sigma 17-70 & the canon 28-105. Ok the test wasn't the best but I think it gives a good idea of the lens potential. I shot a series of images indoors & again outdoors. Both inside & outside the Sigma was clearer when cropped. The interesting thing is the Sigma was as good or slightly better when it was at 70mm than the Canon at 105. In theory giving it as much reach as the Canon but also having the 17mm wide angle as well. I thought both lenses were good but the Sigma had the edge in my little test. I am getting one of the Sigma 17-70 lenses this week. Does anyone know the cheapest option in the UK or the quickest option from Hong Kong?

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you could stick your current lens at 28mm and see if you can manage with that for a walkaround.

I'm pretty happy with my 24-105 as a walkaround

richard plumb

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how do you find the IQ on the 24-105L? Is it worth the L badge??


If I'm honest, I don't know. I do like the images very much, but i'm sure I woulnd't be able to pick them out against the same shots taken with a 28-105.

But I very much value its IS. One of reasons I went for the 70-300IS over the 70-200 f4L was IS. Its invaluable for me.


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Price-wise, secondhand is the way to go with this lens, I picked it up two years ago for about £100 in perfect condition with a hood.


I have the Sigma 17-70 mm and i too think i need more reach, but i cant do with out the 17mm option, comes in very handy. Im not 100% sure if the difference in reach is enough though.

The Sigma is £188.99 HERE

The Canon is £139.99 HERE.

Both from teh excellent OneStop Digital (who will deliver within 5 days).


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