Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM


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OK, shoot me!

I think I have just asked the most stupid question! Too much sun yesterday!

IS, Image Stabilized - which is the same!


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Not used personally but this lens is used widely for sport in good light, not so good for dim light though due to the relatively slow aperture.

It's also known as the dustbuster due to the push/pull zoom designs ability to keep your home clean.


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It's also known as the dustbuster due to the push/pull zoom designs ability to keep your home clean.
Which is just Internet urban myth, as it's no more likely to suck in dust than any other zoom that changes physical length, as it's the change in length that changes air volume.

Mine's been to Kenya with no dust issues. If you are half sensible it's just not an issue.

It does however need good light and the IS is an early version that's only good for about 2 stops. It's a good all round work horse lens though.


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Its a great lens, not so super fast but then relatively lightweight.

IMO the IS system is its weak point, it needs a good time to settle and for fast moving things (where you dont NEED IS anyhow, you need high shutter speeds) its best left switched off.


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Apparently Canon are revising this lens later this year, maybe worth waiting to see how good/ better the new one is? One thing I read said it will be F4 - 5.6, not much of a gain as I guess you would buy it mostly for the 400mm bit. Other thing is, if you don't need all that reach then the 70-200F4 IS would be good at about £900. Depends what you want really!

I am personally waiting for the new lens, although a 70-200mm and then a 400mm prime would be nice, although expensive!


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Any refresh of this lens is highly unlikely to be significant IMO. The biggest update would simply be a latest generation IS unit which would improve the ability to hand hold further.

It's unlikely to see any big change in maximum aperture as that would turn it into the 200-400 f/4.0 and that lens is a monster in comparison, as is Nikon's equivalent, not to mention the cost of such a lens.

It may get updated optics and better internal coatings to reduce flare, reflections etc. but things like significant weight saving would only come with the use of more exotic materials, which in turn would drive up the price beyond the point that makes the lens attractive to so many... look at the new super tele's for example where the price is significantly higher for this very reason.

It's a decent lens as-is, and as others have said, almost every year is rumoured to be due for an update. It may happen but I wouldn't expect it to be radical, and I would expect a price increase...

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