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Canons Digital Light optimisation is something new in 3.11.26 or so , just available for download.

You can download lens profiles for a bunch of well used lenses including my 17-55,100-400, 70-200f2.8IS and mkII , 10-22, 35L etc.

What it does is attempt to correct for known elements in the light path, the lens (ca, distortion etc but a lot more) and the sensor (aa filter etc).

So does it work?

Here is an image I took with the 7D and 17-55 whilst walking the kepler track in April 2010.
ISO 100
Default conversion with ACR 6.6 and its 17-55 profile

Heres a crop of the lower right 100% from the image above and one processed with DLO

Heres a lower right crop of another image:

This isnt sharpening. I have switched sharpening off on DPP, and only the default sharpening on acr. Zoom in to 400% on the DPP effort and you will find no sharpening artefacts.

This is taken with a 100-400L at 400/5.6 ISO 160. Same, DPP/DLO on the right.

I've seen even more impressive things from corrections for the 35L etc.

This seems to affect the colours... And DPP is still a bit of a mess from a UI point of view, but for that shot you really want to get all you can out of its well worth a look.

This is just resized in CS5 with bicubic sharper then saved for web, no sharpening.


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still able to see obvious benefits Rob - are you able to compare this effect with the Lens profile options in Lightroom ?


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...didn't even know that ACR could use Lens Profiles :cool:

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