Canon C100mkii vs Blackmagic Pocket CC 4k


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I´m setting up a video and stream system in a small middle age stone church, with a limited budget and sparse videography experience. Most videos will be shot indoor in the churces, but other scenarios may occur. Like outdoor sermons, interviews, etc. The videos will subjected to minimal post editing, other than most basic iMovie cutting and transitioning, and then shared on Youtube/Facebook, and/or streamed live. So far, we´ve used iPads and a Panny HX-VXF1, fed with audio from the house mixer. After countless hours and telephone calls, I´ve boiled down the camera decision to two alternatives.
1) Used, mint condition Canon C100mk2, with kit EF 24-150m f4 lens
2) New BM Pocket CC, with Lumix 12-25mm f2,8 lens
Even though the c100m2 seems outdated in many ways, I still can´t settle with the BM. In short, my pro/cons list looks like this:
Pro: Great, smooth image quality and low-light, durable, reliable, long battery, onboard 2xXLR phantom, small files, continous AF, ND-filters
Con: No 4K, weak codec, no facetracking with EF-lens, steep learning curve to operate well, small screen, largely outdated

BM Pocket CC4k:
Pro: Tremendous resolution and image quality, future proof, can set mic-input to line level (which makes a preamp obsolete when using inhouse audio mixer), one phantom XLR in (enough for most settings), great HD screen and menu system, great match with the Atem mini pro (will buy for streaming),
Cons: No continous AF, reputation for being unstable, poor battery-life, requires add-ons like SSD, cable adapters etc, hard for beginners to operate well

Logically speaking, I guess the BMPCC4 is the right choice. 4K, brand new, etc. etC. But I have a notion that won´t necessarily give better images in our productions. And perhaps not so many of my colleagues would like to learn how to use it, the computers will break down due to large files, I don´t know. It´s important that the camera we choose will yield great videos from the start, as this will be our best argument for furure expansion with more gear. In some way, I think the simplicity off c100Mk2, in terms of file size, post editing, all-in-one camera that always works, might be beneficial.

I´d glad to hear all opinions on this matter.
Jan Gunnar

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