Canon A70 Or Panasonic Dmc Lc43



Right have nearly made my mind up, am still worried about the a70 lcd screen and its flimsiness. the panasonic seems a better buy for the money and easier to use??? just not alot heard of panasonics though?? advice please :clap: :rolleyes: :kisses:


Go for the Panasonic. They make (and have made for years) many compact cameras for other well-known brands - Yashica being one example.
The Panasonic has the major benefit of a Leica lens - of which you will find no better anywhere - but has the downside of what appears to be a proprietry battery.


just to clarify !
proprietry battery.= 2x 2000mah Nimh high powered
rechargeable batterys and charger unit
the good news is they are both included :)
get 2 spare also..
but they are very powerful nowadays with 2 hrs use..
LC43 eats ordinary alkaline batterys in 20 mins..

and your dead right about the Leica lens..
and dead easy to use :)

thnx Woody :clap:


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I've bought an LC33 to replace my knackered Kodak DC4800 and am very impressed. The LC43 is identical in every way but is 4MP instead of 3MP. Remember UKDigital has LC43s at a very good price - £179 (see Jayde's topic)!



could you let me know what you think of the flash capability as i willl mainly be using it inside , i have read reports that it isnt that good?( lc43 that is). is this true who have you found it to be ok?? thanks suzi ;)


4 mp
Flash Range 0.98 ft - 7.87 ft (W), 1.6 ft - 4.59 ft (T) at ISO 100

The DMC-LC43 produces good results shooting indoors. The wide-angle focal length of 35mm (in 35mm-equivalence) provides a field of view sufficient for most indoor circumstances. The limited flash range is adequate for small group portraits and shooting across small rooms; it does not have sufficient flash power to cover large rooms, entire dance floors, etc. Unfortunately, there is no focus-assist lamp; the camera will sometimes be unable to focus in dimly-lit indoor shooting situations.

indoor people pics seemed a little under saturated but it has a vivid color option.
low light assist too will help you :)
stronger flash than LC43 ... 14 ft on wide angle
8ft on telephoto

neither has hot shoe :(

good luck Suzi both are exc..


ordered the panasonic on wednesday from uk digital, it was here thursday morning...what service.
have only managed to try it out in the evening so was pretty dark, but even so the results were pretty good considering i was just learning!!

thanks for all your help, just got to learn all the different settings etc!!
o by the way i did mange to put piccies on the computer and resize them then send them in an e amil...not bad for a novice after just a few mins, so YES it is very easy to learn how to use.....just what i wanted.:clap: :smashin: :D

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