canon a60 or fuji a210


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Looking for some advice please

Which one too choose?
canon a60 or fuji a210

I can get both these cameras for about £100 each.
The Canon I believe has more features but less megapixels than the Fuji One.
Im just wondering would it be better to go for the more features or the most megapixels ?

Is any camera much better than the other?

Guy Clifford

bought my father in law the a60 for xmas and my mum the fujia210.

The canon is beautifully built and has a reassuring heavy feel about it whereas the fuji is extremely plasticky.

the fuji has 3 mp i think but wasnt that impressed by the quality of the pictures.

Additionally it uses xD cards which are more expensive and are very fiddly to get in and out of slot readers. Additionally, its easy to get cheap CF cards for the canon and theres plenty of cheap card readers to go with them too.

I wouldnt get too hung up on the megapixels thing, best thing is to go into a high street retailer and get a feel for them yourself, then either buy it online or get jessops to do a price match.


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Another happy A60 owner, here! :spam: :laugh:

Having put off buying into digital for several years (until, amongst other things, the resolution and sensitivity improved), I finally relented and bought the 'low res' A60 just after the price reduction.

I wanted a day-to-day alternative to my heavy and unwieldy SLR and the Canon range appeared to be one of the better options (thanks to the manual control available). At a price of just one hundred pounds, the decision was made and the Little Camera That Could has served me well in the following months.

Oh, I recently bought one for a friend, too.

And she's happy.


Oh, if you do a search on that buttony thing at the top right, you'll find lots of info on the A60 and other cameras in the same price range. I and others have posted on the A60 a few times, including links to camera review sites - where you'll find a lot of very useful information and examples of each camera's output.

Hope that helps. :)

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