Canon A60 Memory Question


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There's gonna be an A60 on it's way to me in the post in a few days and I have a quick question.....

I know it uses compact flash memory. Can it also use an MMC card from my Nokia mobile phone? Or are they two totally different things?


A MMC and a CF are unfortunately 2 completely different things, some cameras offer dual memory allowing 2 different types of card to be used, but i am pretty certian the A60 does not.


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Cheers mate, thought it might have been a long shot.

Just got a 256mb MMC for me Nokia 6600 so had the original 32mb one going spare. At least compact flash insn't very expensive.


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Having bought the A60, a couple of months ago (and a second, for a friend!), I can confirm that the A60 is compactflash-only.

The reasonable price of the cards (when compared to other media) was one if its 'pluses' for me, in fact. Rather fortunate too that it has so far proved to be a great camera for the price :smashin:

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