Canon 600D or 60D?! :/


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Dear AVF camera enthusiasts,

I'm having a bit of a dilema! I got into photography properly this year, after buying myself a Canon 450D back in April. Since then, I've yearned for a bit more control over my camera and bit more image quality in the photos I capture. I picked myself up a nice Tamron 17-50mm lens earlier on in the year and don't find myself needing much else on the lens front (though undoubtedly I will in the future!)... It is thus that I have decided in it is time to catch up with the times with my camera body.

Since I've wanted to start experimenting with video along side the photography, I've narrowed it down to a couple of options: the Canon 600D and the Canon 60D... Both look fairly similar on paper, although obviously have their differences with one being a couple £££ more. My question to you guys would be:

"Have you used both and how have they differed in your experience?"

I'd appreciate any help you can give me, as I intend to sell the 450D over the next week or so and pick up a new body in the Christmas sales! :thumbsup:


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Check out posts 21-22 and post 86 in my thread.

Just some of the experienced members views on the 600D vs 60D

Hope this helps


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600D feels like a bargain at the moment at around £500 + £50 cashback. It's hard to say that a 60D is worth £250 more, over half again.


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Unless there is some thing wrong with the 450d I would hold off for a few months. The 'new' 650D/Rebel is due in a few months and it looks likes it might be a big jump in sensor specs!! Even if it turns out not as impressive as predicted prices for the 600D/60D is guaranteed to tumble even more:)
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